Monday, August 25, 2008

Extended Stay (kidnapped) in Petaluma

Tuesday night knitting was wonderful the reveal of our new color-ways was a success, then Wednesday was "George Day". Shelli, Jeff and George marching into Whole Foods for a heavenly shopping trip.

After bidding George good-bye it was time for the Top Down Sweater Class.... Shelli "insisted" that I go. I sat as quietly as I could and took in all the instructions. I believe I was good, although there was some mention of "Short Bus" knitting. I was so distracted by Kit's cat loving my shoes, both shoes were played on and rubbed and napped on all through the class.....

Here is the new color-way "Multnomah Falls". I was the grateful recipient of these lovely hand made stitch markers that Sheila makes, note the notes I'm making

Thursday it was all about work. I spun and spun and spun along with knitting on my "nobodies child" sweater. On Thursday night Shelli and I realised that we had to get our Pedicure and see Sandi and Alan, so here is Sandi working for Shelli modeling her Sauvies Island Peaches scarf made with only 2 ounces of yarn!

Shelli getting her pedicure

The lovely lady that painted my toes

Back to work after looking in more shelters for kittens, and a stop to Bella Norte where I bought a robe for Mom. Alan joined us at Knitterly and is now modeling the baby socks knit for an infant....

Alan is getting to be a wonderful spinner, so wonderful that when Hannah wanted to learn Alan was ready to teach. Hannah taught Alan to finger knit

A dream day closes and my journey begins again on Saturday, Jeff made a remarkable bowl of oatmeal and then on the road again. Alexandra had given me lots of Books on CD, one was Water for Elephants. I hardly noticed the miles flying by while I listened to the story, when I found myself at yet another Cat Shelter. I met Davey and Danny and made arrangements for Mike to meet them on Sunday, then on the road again and into the loving arms of Mike and Steven. It was great to get home as my throat began to throb in earnest. Steven has come down with the throat/cough/fever thing too and is really under the weather. I hit the bed and knew nothing more.......

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