Monday, August 25, 2008

The end of an adventure and back to real life

While I was happy to be home, leaving is my least favorite thing. On Sunday Mike and I went to visit the kittens and for the shelter to met Mike, hopefully we will be approved. We then went to visit Mom at Emerald Isle as Mom is back again. She was a little out of it. Val and Pete made plans to meet us in a few hours at Mom's so we went to the beach. Mike and I walked and walked finding peace again. This beach use to be a salvation when I was a teenager. Not quite like "Gidget", I roamed these shores while I worked out teenage problems

I went to a party about 32 years ago at this house. The city was condemning it since it was falling off the cliffs. Apparently they must have made a me it's still here

Our old house, this is the first house we lived in when we moved to California. When my brother came from Ireland they couldn't find it. It is very different from what I remember, lawn, paint etc, but this is the place. It use to have an awesome view of the ocean when I lived there.

Steven and I downed Airborne and Mike put me to bed early for the second day. Monday morning it's unpacking and getting to work. I'm trying to hammer out a schedule so that I can work and visit Mom and have a life and marriage.

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