Friday, August 15, 2008

And after that

Thurday while we were car shopping Erica was dyeing. She dyed and dyed and dyed, Friday we did a lot of yard work while Erica dyed. Saturday Mike took us up to Tacoma and we went to:

Mike only briefly got to meet Erica, here we are going into the glass museum

Unfortunatly you aren't allowed to take pictures in the museum, however this is the "hot box" where artists make glass art

Artists at work

This man was my favorite, look at his shoes!

We went outside and above the museum is a sky bridge with this display! So many wonderful pieces and the best work of art Mike!

Another shot with another gem......

walking along the bridge is another display above our heads

The colors really inspired Erica and I, it was a lovely day spiritually, however the weather was cold and it rained like crazy.

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