Sunday, July 27, 2008

The World Still Turns

It's hard to remember that life still goes on when chaos reins supreme. Regular life like, ladies getting manicures, people going grocery shopping, little children having fun parties with balloons, still happens and that comes as a surprise as the hospital seems the only reality at the moment. I didn't go there yesterday.

I spun, three full bobbins, today I'm up early to ply. I plan to go to the hospital today.

I went to have my poor feet pedicured. I lost most of my right big toe nail in a horrible IV machine vs Toe fight, one late night in the hospital. I got it fixed up yesterday. Boy did I miss Shelli, I know she would have loved to go with me too. I sat in the chair, dunked my feet in the water, made sure only my feet were in the water and none of the "rest" of me was, and only my legs were visible. The nice lady turned on the back massage machine, normally this thing freaks me out and I find it uncomfortable, yesterday I liked it. I sat (without knitting, I'm saving that for the hospital) and watched this nice lady work her magic, which included a lovely piece of art work on both toes. She chatted in another language (not to me I'm just the big lump that was sitting) and I just sat, I didn't think, just sat watching her work.
Yesterday my family picked a hospice home for Mom. It is near where I use to live as a teenager which brings back good memories. We viewed the house the day before but yesterday the family OK'd it. What a relief as they are discharging Mom some time next week, depending on whom you talk to.
Mom had company (just so you know I could have fun with a clear contingents (this is probably the wrong spelling for what I mean, however my human spell check is my Mom. Many times I will call Mom to ask her how to spell something after a long battle with spell check, which I have just had and think I lost)). The England's came and stayed with Mom yesterday and then Mom took a nap, so I pretended to have a "normal" life.
I had a good time at the bead shop (bought crystals for beaded yarn half off yeah!), I then went to my SIL's house for a non Birthday party. I had fun, laughed, got supported, and felt like there was life again. It was after 10:00 pm. before some one other than Mike (Mike wasn't ready either) suggested it was time to go. I think he was so glad to have someone else listen to my stories and thoughts about hospital and health care and going, yet again, to find a care giving place for a loved one to land in. It has only been a year ago since my MIL was going through this, the advantage this year is I have a house here, and this is not Tucson AZ in the summer, and there is no house to clean out, well other than mine.
The weather has been warmish, but not "baking hot where is the air conditioner?", for Southern California it's been very mild. This morning even coolish, with a little fog. I'm sure if you traveled to the valley it would be in the 100's but today here it's pleasant enough.
I forgot the camera yesterday. Skylar has grown again, her poor Mother tries to keep her looking good but the growth spurts keep coming.
By the by Bonnie was on my mind yesterday, there is a Parakeet flying around the neighborhood. He is in the tree next to the house now. He does a good Chicken! Not a bad Starling either. I've tried to feed him and catch him (before the hawk does) but he'll have none of that. He does like hanging by the Grey's cage......
Life goes on even when you aren't looking. It's good to look though, go today find a flower and rejoice in it's glory.


Bonnie Rose said...

It's conscience darling...

btw... you were on my mind too!

Romi said...

Thinking of you....


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish, Sending lots of good wishes to you and your Mom from New Zealand (southern hemisphere wishes are powerful!) She is such a sweetie. I remember so fondly those times when she would come into Wildfiber with you and we'd drink tea and talk knitting.