Friday, July 25, 2008

One Step Forward....

When last we met things were going well, Mom was in a great room, my computer and phone seem to be working and I felt ready for another night at the hospital. I got Mom yarn, at Beach Knitting in Manhattan Beach CA. and went back to the hospital only to find that they were moving Mom down to the "transition ward". Back to horrible. She has a room mate and no one can spend the night with her. While she is sharper than ever she is still not walking or eating solid food, only got a liquid diet two days ago.
This was the mayhem at the Apple Store, all waiting for the new IPhone, is it worth it? Really?

The Social Worker came to talk to us and the news is they are trying to hustle Mom out, as she is non-treatable. Now it is a case of where will she go? Dad is beside himself and tempers are at an all time new high. Mom is OK with her new room as she has the sun coming in through a huge picture window and we have covered the window sill with flowers. I will cut more roses tomorrow to take to her.
When we moved all the plants from against the walls with windows (for the window installers to work) I noticed that the Hoya's flowers had opened. Here is Becky's Hoya flower. There are several more coming as well.

Thursday we got windows. Every shade and all the furniture that was near the windows of the house had to be moved. They were so fast! While they were in the house Steve announced it was "Mental Health Day".

Here are the plants in pots that we purchased in San Diego, which seems a life time ago.....

Mr. Lincohn in it's glory, these plus several others will be going to Mom tomorrow

Creeping Fig~ we haven't even begun to fight!

Steven at the candy store buying gummy tape, yes I had chocolate

We went to see Wall-E it was a little sad but good, and ended happy.
I have new windows and did a little knitting tonight, yes the smaller needles for the hand part of the fingerless mittens was the answer. I have two skeins of beaded Stone in Cashmere/Silk done but not set. I am going to a bead shop sale tomorrow to stock up on beads. Then off to a family party at my SIL's house (Mike's side) tomorrow afternoon. It will be good to have another mental health afternoon, in the morning I plan to go to the hospital with roses. Steven is taking an assessment test for college in the morning!
We need new doors and "window treatments" now. Mike says the new windows have inspired him to get this house in shape. More remodeling to come.
Erica continues to run TFC, although Becky is going up to the house tomorrow to get yarn skeined and into boxes to ship. I still haven't heard from Nancy Clark about the misplaced and usurped box (that she has at the moment), but in the scope of this weeks problems that is low on my list.
Everyone has asked me when I'm going home. I really don't have an exact date yet, but as soon as I see Mom settled other than at the hospital I'm going home to Oregon. Pack up TFC and bring it down here, I just don't want to be that far away right now. Plans for a lovely dye lab are on hold as everything else is, but as I told Becky yesterday if someone can't wait for yarn than it's tuff, we have other more important details to worry about. Yet still the spinners spin and Becky is plying, and Erica is dyeing, somewhere tonight Tanglewood Fiber Creations is spinning on without me, but just for a while.....

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