Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Earth Moves

I hate it when things that should be still move. When you see trees jumping out of the ground and the house tilt it's scarry. Here are the pictures of our little bit of damage, which isn't much but I'm still shaking, not in a good way. The quake has been down graded to a 5.4 from 5.8, it felt like a ten

The Hoya stand went over and the Hoya is needed soil, but this poor plant needs a new pot

A new crack

The bird goes over, we've been watching Deadwood when I've been home to keep things "normal". The beads went over as well so I'm still picking beads off the floor

Here is my output for one day, not much.

The purchases from the bead store, and the fingerless mittens in Baby Camel/Silk that are now completed, by the way, less than one skein was enough to knit these mittens!

Here is the new colorway in a scarf using Elizabeth's (Knit Knot) pattern, it is so much fun to knit. These are Monique hands, I knit while having a cuppa with her at the hospital last night.

Mike has some oral surgery today and I'm going to get my phone fixed. Cell phone service seems to be back, and I'm going to return to doing work.......


Becky Rose said...

After your experience this morning, can you imagine what those poor people in China went through???

Sheila E said...

Are you still alive down there? See...this is 1 of the reasons why I live in Oregon...so far the earth has stood still ;0...I'm not one for having my base unsteady...Maybe it's a reminder that everything changes...and moves!...and that *steady as she goes* comes from within....
Love yah Lady!!