Friday, August 01, 2008

And then it all changes in a moment

Things have progressed as usual, chaos still reins.
On Thursday Steven and I got up ready to get Mom's room ready at Emerald Isle for her move in on Friday
This is the meal Steven had so that he had enough energy- a good British Breakfast

This is the dinning room table at Emerald Isle

Mom's bed

Mom's TV stand

The Plumeria Tree outside Mom's window

The flowers the Humming birds love, no smell though

Val with a fallen Plumeria Flower, smells wonderful

The Birch Tree outside Mom's window

We had a hiccup Steven's truck broke down. Seems he needed a water pump, thermostat and hoses

Friday dawned with hope. Mom was going to her new home. YEAH
We got things into the car, cleaning out the many flower arrangements. Purchased the proper English tea and made it to Emerald Isle, to see Mom safely into her new and lovely room. Tony and I made her a great cuppa and she got a home cooked meal.
Then the world turned.
I have come down with an upper respiratory infection, and a lower GI problem. Mom was transported to the ER early Saturday. She was discharged from the hospital too early, according to the ER doctor, and in terrible pain, so Mom is now back in a "Transition Care Center" for further treatment.
Steven and my brother Pete worked on Steven's truck and it was pronounced cured, however on Sunday Mike found all the fluids on the ground. Steve and Mike worked on it until Steven had to go to work. Today (Monday) Steve and Mike will work further on his truck, while I have spent the day resting and spinning, the best stress release.
I'm going to go back to Oregon on Wednesday to close down the house then come back for more wrangling with hospitals, doctors, insurance and the like. I have more pictures but I have lost over half of my pictures and don't trust the computer with them. Thanks for all the continued good wishes!


marcia-x said...

The Emerald Isle looks idyllic. I hope your mother gets to enjoy it soon and for a very long time. You seem to be dealing with the chaos very effectively - taking breaks is essential if you don't want to burn out. Take care.


Sheila E said...

I Love your Mom's new home! I too hope that she gets to enjoy it!!
There was a new moon eclipse in Leo this past weekend. Don't look back..shed the old skin and keep moving forward...You are doing an excellent job...And Breathing is Good.
Hey, it's ALL Good!!
I love you Sweet Lady!