Saturday, June 21, 2008

The way things are

Here are the long promised pictures......

See the blooms starting?

The first blooms of my Wisteria, this was planted 5 years ago and this is it's first year blooming

My first crop of Lupines although I planted them two years ago

My friend Sandi sent a picture of Allan at work, he's making really good yarn!

I'm modeling a selection that Kathleen made it's her hand-spun hand-knit, and her own pattern

Paula Shull having a good time at Conference, don't you love her hand knit sweater? I love these colors

Jan showing one of her beautiful fleece's

Here is a close up

Pretend we are still at Conference here are spinners doing their second favorite thing... EATING!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Trish,
I'm the wild woman sock person at conference. My name is Diane Broderick. Thanks for the great pictures.