Thursday, June 19, 2008

Restful Wednesday

Erica is here! I picked her up last night, after having an East Indian theme party at Don and Emma's. I meant to sit and knit, but instead had food (you can tell I'm not a "real" knitter at heart) and watched a sub-titled movie. It's a grand movie but only got half way through when it was time to go to the airport. We had a really hard day on Monday, yesterday was wonderful, just needed to get ground rules established. I had no idea I had so many rules....
After several late nights (or early mornings depending on how you look at it) this morning I declared restful Wed. Erica was wonderful and played Hide and Go Seek, watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Skylar's second time in as many days) and went for a trip into the forest.
I've had a dream a night (for the last three nights) about Mo, this is day marks three weeks gone......
I am wishing Shelli well with her class on knitting a wristlet tomorrow at Hill Country Weavers. I'm knitting a little bag out of Yak/Silk in "Butter" that is beaded, but sort of wish I'd gotten the pattern off Shelli before she left.
Erica has given me a gift of Yarn Harlot's new book, signed of course, all ready a gem this young lady. Tomorrow is a dye day. I did 10 pounds ( it was all a hazy of work with supervising Skylar and Courtney) of fiber. Then yesterday sat for an afternoon and did 12 ounces of spinning for a special project. I love spinning, really love it.
The spinners are starting to send yarn back so our cycle of full cubbies is starting again. Expect yarn to go out this next week. Churchmouse is getting a shipment sent tomorrow. Three lovely skeins of beaded Newport Rocks in Cash/Silk.
I ordered more beads yesterday..... I love beads. Out on a Whim is a fab bead shop located near Petaluma. I find their service and selection of high quality beads and crystals to rival Shipwrecked Beads in Lacy WA. Alexandra picked up lots from a shop in Long Beach for me as well. Beaded yarn is going to be big this fall.
I have lots and lots of pictures. This weekend at Black Sheep Gathering we will be staying in a motel with the High Speed, so hopefully I'll get caught up.
Speaking of which it is really time for bed. Tomorrow is all about work. Wish me luck!


Romi said...

I love Out on a Whim! And I'll have to show you my bead stash one of these days.... ;)

monkeyspinner said...

YAY Trish! I am so glad you got Erika! WE are having a ball in Peru, laundry ironed and everything ( even socks). Have fun at Black Sheep I Am sad I won't be there but dyeing is super fun here. Meet up with mom she has you chicken. Read my blog for food. ~A