Saturday, June 21, 2008

The last pictures of NwRSA Conference

Jan wearing her Sheep shirt Shelli at Knitterly gave her, Shelli has never met Jan but somehow because I love Jan so does Shelli now that's a friend

One day I made up a Wild Woman Sock pattern. I decided to write a sock pattern even though I'd never read a pattern. I decided (with some help from a friend) to market a sock kit. This lovely woman took my Wild Woman Sock class, learned to knit Feral Socks, and bought a sock kit and loves to make socks. This was 4 years ago. This is here third pair and I'm so happy that I think we'll have to think about marketing this kit again. I love this woman. Wish I could remember her name. Please e-mail me if you have a better memory

I'm now back from Conference and go into a total depression. Mo is still missing and I spend 4 days in the same night gown morning the fact that my true love ( ok ok it's a cat) is gone (My husband, children and all my good friends tried calling but all I could do was cry and spin) One day I got three huge deliveries. This is 10 pounds of cream cashmere, 15 pounds of Cashmere/Silk, 28.5 pounds of Mer/Cash/Angora, 2 pounds of Snow (the finest of all cashmeres) cashmere and all the singles of textured cashmere, also camel/silk

This helped to make me feel somewhat better, look at all that lovely yarn to be.....

TSA inspects this bag a lot

This is what they find when they inspect it.... a whole lot of cashmere!

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