Sunday, June 01, 2008

No Mo

It is wonderful and terrible to be home in Oregon. Mo is gone. He was here Wed. when Courtney came to work, but he hasn't come home while I've been here, it's been three days.
Pee-Kitty, Toby-Jack, Momma, are all here. Captain Cutthroat, Mr. Tuxedo have been sighted, and a new Tuxedo cat with long hair, sort of like Mo's, but not Mo.
No Mo, no furry heaviness at the foot of my bed, no lump of fur sleeping in my chair, no gentle cuddle at bedtime. No Mo.
I've called the neighbors, and I'll go to the shelter on Monday, but I have no real hope. The wilds of Oregon are just that. Ann, my neighbor, is missing a chicken, never a good sign.
How can I be so besotted and so distraught over a cat. I have other cats. I loved only one. Toby-Jack wants to come in. Toby-Jack has been curled up at every door step, begging to replace Mo, while I look out the window and call, and call and call. No Mo.
Becky has stayed the weekend, as she knows I'm upset, but she has to go this morning, and then it's a dyeing day for me. I've petted James, the elderly rabbit. James is shedding, boy is he shedding, too short for spinning. I've got Momma kitty, long sigh. Pee-Kitty has been friendly, every time I got up last night she would cry, make me think it was Mo and then dashed hopes as I found it was her, (while cuddling her yesterday she gave me a good swipe and drew just enough blood to make it itch and a few of her "friends", feasted on my tender flesh, leaving me scratchy and marked.
The home is tidy and almost yarn-less after we shipped yarn out yesterday. Outside needs mowing bad, huge weeds are every where. My allergies have kicked in and I have no Mo cat. We looked up in the barn, under the bushes and in the ditches along the road. No Mo.
Mo is gone. If he was alive and near he would be here, but he is gone. I have to face a it, the little cat toy I bought will be put away, and I won't get another cat, there will be no other cat, I have too many now, and obviously I can't take care of myself let alone a cat.
I will spin and dye today. Tomorrow I will do paper work, and ply beaded yarn. Thursday I go to NwRSA Conference and teach Spinning Beyond the Basic's. I'll see all my spinning buddies.
I'm grateful that I have a house that is beautiful, with flowers everywhere
I'm grateful that I have good friends
I'm grateful for my children
I'm grateful for my husband
I'm grateful for my health
I'm grateful to be able to see my Epiphyllums bloom
I'm not happy about my damn cat.
I hear a tom "singing" now, probably romancing the little new tuxedo cat that showed up yesterday.....My luck there will be feral kittens to deal with in a few weeks.
I want Mo.


monkeyspinner said...

Trish I am so so sorry about Mo. Cats espspecailly our favorite ones are irreplacable. I would say have hope but that seems not possible.

Brent said...

My heartfelt sympathies. Crazy, fuzzy, little, four legged people have a way of breaking a person's heart like this.