Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going home

I'm on my way. I'm packed have been since last night- the most momentous organization yet. I've had lunch with Brent at Farmer John, in Los Angeles. I've got dinner plans with Becky and hopefully with Emma, Don and Mark in Portland OR, perhaps I am beginning to be a "jet setter".
It is feeling warm today so I'm looking forward to the cool of the Pacific Northwest, although I'm worried about the Apriums going to waste.
I talked to Shelli, (Knitterly) whom I miss, I think I need to book a date for another visit so that we can both plan for that. I'm worried about Alan's spinning. Beth and her Mom are coming for the weekend, however skeining has to happen sometime this weekend as the beaded yarn has to get to Hill Country Weavers by next week.
Erica is lovely according to my friend Autumn, whom is also in the PiPN internship. I hope they are working hard so coming to Oregon won't be such a shock.
Mike has arrived to take me to the airport so I'm officially off....

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Sheila E said...

Alrightee are home by now ...welcome back.....I hope that you know that we welcome you each time back with open arms....ah...Trish is in the PNW!