Monday, June 02, 2008

Day of morning over

I've had my pity party (of one), but decided to make it a productive pity party. So instead of dyeing I made beaded textured Yak yarn.
Nancy (Knit Stop) had ordered some textured yak yarn at TNNA, we talked about several new yarn ideas. So I decided to surprise her by beading her yak yarn. I will take pictures when it is dry, very interesting for sure. I did 12 skeins of this yesterday, she only wanted 6 so I have left over, oh I mean "stock". I also did a little beaded skein of Katie's Painted Hills for Hill Country Weavers special order, then did 2 skeins of Calypso Cove to finish an order for Nancy (Knit Stop). All this beading made me feel better, not great but better.
Today I've got a little headache/heartache today but determined not to let it get me down today. I have to finish some beading, and buy new dye pots, two failed while I was away, it's not pretty.
I also need to send yarn out! Becky and I have lots and lots of yarn to be skeined, and my plying feast yesterday really made our production totals higher.
I need to go get blood drawn, ugh, and I'm going to check the Animal Shelter "just in case", but I'm really not very hopeful, and a little afraid I might feel sucked in, but again determined not to take on another animal. Mike and I talked this morning and decided that I will officially adopt Toby-Jack, so now to make friends with a cat I've been chasing away for a year....
My desk is crawling with ants. It isn't because of any food left behind or the ring from my tea cup it's the electrical current from the printer, surge protector, phone and computer. We've had trouble in the kitchen with the same "electrical ants". We've had trouble with them into the stove electric's and the electric hot water kettle. I've tried my paprika power trick, and the air freshener trick, but the lure of electric's is too great and they just keep coming back, carefully avoiding any food or water or sugar that might be on the counter. Gross but true, electric ants.
Off to officially start my day... Thanks for all the good thoughts about Mo, I have perspective it's "just a cat" and I don't know he isn't living with a more stable family. I hope that is the case I hate to think of Coyote pups.........

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Laura said...

Electric Ants?

Is this anything like the "Magic Fingers" vibrator beds that I remember on hotel beds in my youth? (And no, at that time I had no idea what they were for.)

I haven't seen one of those in years but I have to wonder what the ants are getting out of it.

So sorry about Mo - my friend Vennie lost her kitty in the middle of a snowy Illinois winter. Thought she was a goner for sure. She showed up on Vennie's doorstep a couple of weeks ago, so don't give up yet.