Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More and More Yarn

We've been busy in the dye studio after a lovely time at Black Sheep. Erica and I have been trying for a red color-way. I gravitate to more of a purple red but have tried to see the beauty in red, red. We have several (loads) batches of just red to get an idea of what they really looked like, the color on the bottles never really look like the label when you use it on fiber. We bought over 7 or 8 different red dyes at Black Sheep, some even a more purply red (I whined a lot) than orange red. We have a good first batch and we're going to pursue the elusive red again tomorrow.
Another elusive color-way is Lavender Moon. We have a very, very good batch, but only spinning the sample will tell. Andrea and Courtney were up at the yarn factory yesterday working as well as Cora and her cleaning crew (not before time) along with Erica and I. Is it any wonder that we shipped out three orders of yarn (Knitting Central, Loops (the first of their first order) and Knit Stop)? I was surprised that so much yarn was done, as it feels like we've been doing a lot of not much. We are nearly to the end of all orders. We managed to get 12 pounds done yesterday in addition to the 18 we did last week. With June almost done, I'm trying to book my fall travel schedule, being mindful that I'm not Superwoman, no cape, no S tatooed on my chest.
Skylar is happy to be at the house with regular eating and sleeping, after a long and boring time at Black Sheep, I thought she'd be more engaged with the sheep and demo's, but once the money ran out so did the interest. We have tried to keep it quiet this week and so far plopping down in front of the TV seems to be the answer. I hate this solution but she is so wrung out from the weekend that we all benefited from the rest. Brigadoon was the movie for last night and this morning. South Pacific this afternoon, it was an eye opener for her; Skylar-"but what's the big deal that he has Polynesian children?" I am so glad that racial predacious is a completely foreign notion for her. There is hope for this old world. Bedknobs and Broomsticks is really the favorite of the week, and of course one of my all time favorites.
We are having beautiful weather although Erica is wearing 4 layers and Skylar is freezing here in Safeway, I have been so comfortable at the low 70's. Rumor has it Saturday is suppose to be in the mid 90's, I'll be melting (but lucky that OMSI is air conditioned as that is our Saturday's plan) but Erica is looking forward to it. Joe's is only open until 3 in the afternoon now, and St. Helens Coffee shop's internet met with a water accident, so we are here at Safeway doing our computer work, Skylar has been bribed with two books of her choice and a Strawberry smoothy, however this contentment only lasted for 45 mins.
I am learning to use a new phone, one of the joys and challenges of modern technology. I can get my e-mail's and send them, but I'm not sure how to get onto the web. I want to learn how to hook my computer up as well, Don has offered to help when ever we can get back together.
Friday, Skylar is going to spend the night with her other aunt, from her Dad's side and Erica and I might go with Don and Emma to an organic beer festival or Jan's house. Saturday we are going to a Dinosaur exhibit at OMSI and Skylar gets to spend the night with Becky. Sunday Becky is coming to take care of some of James's (he is the nicest bunny and Skylar loves to give him apple cores) needs and work on the Production Rooms information center. Friday we are planning a work day.
I need more cashmere. Lots more. I had 20 pounds and we are down to our last 5. I love Northwest Summer, so does Skylar, it is the most cheerful. Beaded Northwest Winter is beautiful as well. I'm excited by the new Red color-way. I'm in beading heaven as I've just gotten a shipment from Out on a Whim (near Petaluma CA) and Podgy (Long Beach CA) of beads. Wish us luck on our dyeing endeavors.
PS we have now given up all hope that Mo is alive. None of the neighbors have seen him, the suspected cat-napper, has been investigated and pretty sure she doesn't have him. All the neighbors agreed that Mr. Tuxedo has to go... he has been spreading his "cheer" around and we are all sick of the sight (smell) of him. I am now resigned and moving on. I haven't had a Mo dream in a week.
If you know of a Maine Coon, no bad insane old lady.... but if you did have a kitten, no, no bad lonely insane lady.


Sheila E said...

It was great...but too short...seeing you at Black Sheep! I needed many more Hugs than I got..but OFFF will be here before we know it!
You are One Busy Lady!! Glad to hear that things have mellowed out with the crew & that things are getting done & out on the Yarn Scene.
I love yah Honey...
Thanks for all of the you know whats!!!! \
See me ;)

Becky Rose said...


Romi said...

Hey! I heard a rumor that you're coming back to Petaluma! I'm trying to get a group together to come down. :)

btw, I'm spinning on a wheel now!