Sunday, June 22, 2008

More and More Pictures

A Riparian scene at Pittock Mansion

Here are the most beautiful blossoms ever. The Epiphylum blooms but good. This is the natural color of these flowers. Love it

This size of these blooms are about 6 inches long and salad plate in diameter

Erica arrives! She was prepared for this picture having seen Katie's arrival from last year's blog

Erica had exactly two days to get use to the time change and life at Tanglewood Fiber Creations. This is the car packed, however this isn't all the baggage we brought, can you imagine that we have more to repack tomorrow?

Just enough room for Skylar-good thing she's thin

My new Woolie Winder Bobbins! Nathan (whom makes these Woolie Winders) rocks

Jan and Penny "fit" a ewe lamb for show with Betsy telling them what a good job they are doing

The end of a long day....Erica and Skylar look really beat here, we haven't been eating (Skylar-"can we have a warm snack"? Me-"What is involved in a warm snack Skylar?" you know something with Macaroni and warm cheeseness" Me-"Skylar that's called dinner" Skylar-"oh"(in a sort of sad, hopeless voice))or sleeping very much, although my fancy lady outfit tonight fit loosely we've had several meals at the "Golden Arches" and attended two birthday parties with cake, this kind of food isn't on my meal plan

We are now caught up with the photo's, I'll try and take more tomorrow, and post them next week. Erica has been so helpful (but people have mistaken her for Katie, or my daughter and/or Skylar's Mom) and Skylar has been the darling of BSG. I've managed to sit long enough to almost do one bobbin, this is more spinning than I've done in the last 4 years at BSG. I feel good about it and am so happy to be at BSG. Tonight was the best Spinners Lead ever we had 22 entries! I am so wowed and impressed by the talent that people display at this event. I have to get back into our room. The internet only works in the lobby, and even though we don't have to be early we do have to get there sometime tomorrow.
Monday I'm going to the new doctor.... wish me luck!


Romi said...

It looks gorgeous!

Hey! Guess what? Someone loaned me a spinning wheel. I am totally hooked. Love. It.

Mokihana said...

I love both of my WooLee Winders. I have long long piecies of batts or roving, and away I go! I have one for my Joy weel and one for my Louet with its gigantic bobbins.