Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Time Passes

Erica and I are taking a moment (while Skylar is at the pool with Courtney and her little sister) for some internet fun. Erica totally deserves to have internet time, as well as the Vodka she got for being a good girl last night.
She likes "Rome", so we are sneaking episodes after Skylar goes to bed. I've been taking pictures but not as many as usual as having an active Skylar is about all I can manage. I'm old and so easily distracted. Erica has been dyeing and trying to figure out what the "program" is, Intern, babysitter (me not Skylar), dye slave, note taker, clean up crew or what?

Erica, Audrey, Marlyn and I did make it to the Aurora Guild meeting. It was held outside on a marvelous evening. It broke up earlier than usual as it got dark and biting bugs came out.

Here is the scarf exchange scarf yet to get to the rightful owner, but here are a jury of my peers reviewing it!

Terry said I changed her life, (this always makes me nervous as I don't feel I'm qualified to change peoples lives since I make such a muck of my own), I groaned and said how, she quickly said it was her "plying life". Terry was in my Spinning Beyond the Basic's class at Conference. Whew, what a relief, spinning is something I do know something about.
Ps notice that she is knitting in the picture....ummm maybe she just wants to make me feel better?

Erica is waiting for the Max train in Portland to go to the Organic Beer Festival. When we got there I was carded! I had misplaced my ID and couldn't enjoy the organic beer. Erica doesn't like Beer and after trying to pay for the max at three stations we arrived too late and was only able to be there for 15 mins.

We joined Emma, Don and Mark at the Organic Beer Festival, Mark couldn't drink beer either.....

Since it was Erica's first young people fun night we went back to The Turrentine's apartment pictured are my two favorite men in Portland (Mike and Steven are in Los Angeles and Allan is in Petaluma just so no one's feeling are hurt)

I have no idea what kind of rose this is but this year it has gone crazy. It smells heavenly the strongest fruitiest ever. I love the cabbage rose the best. Andrea's work in the garden has paid off and things are looking a little less tangled here at the yarn factory

Becky sent this picture to a new friend that wanted a picture of her "This is me on a bad day"-totally true. Becky's had car trouble lately. She isn't "one" with the automobile, not having taken Auto 4-H like her Mom. We are both thinking about a new car for her. Actually this is one of the Chinese Dinosaurs at the OMSI exhibit. Lucky we had decided that we we would go to OMSI on Saturday as the temperature exceeded 100

The "girls" and their alter ego's behind them

After restful Sunday and restful Monday, I decided that I didn't want to do any more kitchen detail so we went out. Here we are at Muchas Gracias, yes I had the Chilies Rellano's! We then went home and I spun up a storm and lots of yarn now sits on the drying rack

Erica is knitting (ok pretending, as she doesn't knit) the Neck Candy in "Jan's Raspberry Patch", Erica is developing this color-way. I will say it's heaven as it dyed onto the new Merino/Cash/Angora blend. The fresh stuff is easier to dye and lovely to work with

I've got to get to work, but it's been so nice to blog. Thursday I fly with Skylar to Los Angeles to be with our families on July 4th. It will be good to see Mike, I've missed the calming influence he provides. I hope to see my Mom. Just a brief visit. Erica will be with Becky on July 4th and then goes to Knitterly (WAAAA without me (WAAAAA, whine, whine snivel, snivel), I'm sending down some yarn and goodies so do stop in and say Hello to Erica!


Autumn said...

HI guys we are enjoying Peruvian beer and piscos but no scotch to be found go figure. Hope all is well and glad your having so much fun.

Sheila E said...

Ah a true Summer blog. Everyone looks happy and beautiful. It's great to see the *little family* looking so full of life!
Looks like you are having a good time!
Happy trip to CA....Happy 4th!!
Love yah!!