Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Job shadowing

Today Courtney comes to job shadow TFC. I'll be dyeing today, finally, as I feel much better about the whole "cat" thing (plus making as much beaded yarn as humanly possible, there I was skulking around the singles dresser trying to find more to bead). I called the shelter (so as not to get overwhelmed/tempted with the cute faces) and they aren't taking cats ("we don't have your cat". "How do you know I haven't described him", "we aren't taking cats just kittens", "oh are you sure you haven't seen Mo?" "Lady I have to go") as it is kitten season and they are over run with kittens. Good thing I called (yes I want a furry ball of spitting fun, I want the joys of a new kitten to soften the blow of not having Mo, but the thought of losing another cat prevents me from making the same mistake, I'm traveling too much and "I have to learn how to take care of myself before taking on the responsibility of taking care of an animal"- Becky encourages (ok, insists) me to say that mantra every time I start thinking about having another animal.
We have gotten a lot of yarn done. My new healthy program seems to be working, I feel great and getting lots of work done.

The office is still neglected, but the production room is ready for business, skeining business. The shelves once filled with fiber for spinners, are now filled with skeins looking for labels.
Yesterday I sent an order to Wild Fiber so if you need good yarn that's where to go. I also sent a little present to Knitterly, some odds and ends (very small balls of yarn and old swatches of long ago yarn) that I was gleaning out and had no idea's for. Sandi and Shelli lit up at the thought of such "treasure", so off the box went.
I will send off Knit Stop's order next week. Lots of textured Yak (in the natural Butter color) beaded, I love beads.

The most fun this week, was to visit (long time over due) with Elizabeth at Knit Knot. Yesterday afternoon I took a basket of yarn to her. Elizabeth showed me her lovely cashmere/silk (is there any other fiber???) in "Sugar", a variation of the diagonal scarf she designed, then the fashion show began! It was heaven just her and I and a store full of beautiful knit-ware, of course there was yarn, but Elizabeth's knit-ware is something to behold. The finishing is remarkable, her creativity is outstanding. If you are ever in Portland OR. this is the shop to stop for a yarn fix and come away with great idea's and yarn.

The weather here has been grey and miserable. Overcast and cloudy and we've had some rain. Elizabeth waxed poetically about the picture of the Apriums on the blog, a sure indication of sun deficiency. When people start talking that way about yellow fruit and warm delicious tomatoes, you know it's bad. It has been a very trying spring here, glad to have spent time in LA, or I'd really be under the bed (about Mo missing) sucking my thumb.

Tomorrow is our NwRSA Conference, something we look forward to the moment it is over, every year. My friend Cynthia is making a DVD of all our good times for the last 14 years. I can't believe it's been that long. We got together by accident by sitting in a spinning circle together. It was incredible fun, (of the loud, wet your pants type, not just me either), and the diverse and rich (knowledge not money) company was such a stimulus for me. I found, new thoughts, a new life and strong intelligent women, (the kind that have children but had other things to talk about, at the time it was all I had to talk (think, live, breath) about), which ultimately (gave me the courage) lead me to start Tanglewood Fiber Creations. We are having an anniversary party, even though our ranks have diminished, (Betty, Katherine and Julie we miss you) due to death and poor health (hope Mom feels better really soon). Ms. Audrey is not going this year, by choice, she will be at the "Traveling Beavers" (Beavers are Oregon's state animal) camp-out somewhere in Madras OR. Sara Anderson and Bonnie Rose will be there selling there wares along with Jan McMahon. Most of my spinning friends in one room, heaven.

Next week Skylar comes for her visit, then the week after Erica comes for her summer of fun (wish her the best, you know me)! I received her resume yesterday, she sounds smart, really smart, and accomplished, wow another summer of "oh my gosh that's a great idea" then 4 weeks of turning the business upside down, but for a good end. Here's wishing all the PiPN interns luck and good success with their adventures, so excited to meet Erica.

Sheila Ersnt is in Columbus, Ohio to be a vendor at TNNA. Shelli (Knitterly) Suzanne (Hill Country Weavers) and Nancy (Knit Stop) will all be there to buy. I'll be at home making yarn. Courtney is here now so it is work time. I'm taking pictures and saving them for the time I can be on high-speed to download. If your going to Conference see you there! If your taking my class Spinning Beyond the Basic's get the spinning wheels ready your in for a ride.......


Sheila E said...

SO Sorry to hear that Mo is MIA....I hope that he is just at a lady friend's house and will be back soon!
I'm keeping the Faith!
I look forward to seeing Shelli at TNNA! I will give her a big hug for you!
Wish me Luck ;)
See you Soon!

monkeyspinner said...

Wow. We are all going to the wall O yarn. Been really interesting, catch up on my blog. Wish you were going to be in OH, and wish you were better.