Friday, June 06, 2008

NwRSA Conference

It's over now but we had a blast. It was so good to see all my friends that I haven't seen in a year, and in some cases longer. I've been hold up in the factory making yarn quietly, sort of retreated into my "cocoon" to balance the wild times at Conference.

These are some of the many pictures of Conference, (soon to be down loaded).
Here are the judges! Mr Jones is the one lighting the mood. Judging this year was hard as there were so many wonderful Gallery pieces.

Becky on the right, Jan on the left spinning in her booth

Not hand spun but knit with love and using Jan's buttons by Mary Alice

Hand spun and designed by Sarah Anderson (this Spring's cover girl on Spin-Off)

Jan Kennedy's scarf spindle spun cashmere- ummmm

I'll post more when ever I get to high speed. This morning my niece Skylar is coming for a visit, June 17th Erica comes for her internship. I'm happy on both accounts. The house/factory has been very quiet and while that has been good for me, it has also been too quiet with out Mo. I put his things away yesterday, and a piece of me died not in a good way (I know it's a damn cat).
Conference while a total blast was not good for the sleeping part of "eating and sleeping". Skylar's visit will help this irregular sleeping. I had a revelation, summer heightens my time awareness problems. The sun being out from 4:30 am until now almost 9:00 p.m. sends what little time sense into disarray.
I spent the night with Becky, as to be up and ready to ride the Max to the airport to pick up Skylar. This weekend will be all about fun but tomorrow is a work day. Lots of dyeing needs to happen to begin our huge push to make enough yarn this summer so that we have stock. Not a little stock, but enough to last the whole winter. This is our goal this summer. There must be a lot of naked goats in Mongolia, as most of there fleece is in my dye studio waiting to be turned into Newport Rocks......, and of course other colors. One of Erica's projects is to develop a new red color-way, for the new fall line up. Keep watching!

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monkeyspinner said...

Glad your alive started to worry. :) I am sad I missed the NwRSC. Maybe next year.