Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There and Back

I've been there and back it all was a whirlwind trip but I had the BEST time. I have been to Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale NY!

Flying across the country and having taken my "happy" pills and not slept very well the night before (you know how is it, the mind keeps worrying "is it going to be all right"" will I have enough or the right yarn", etc) I was stumbling by the time I got to New York. However Laurie is the perfect hostess and showed me up stairs to my own floor and to this welcome and delightful bed, you know I sleep around.....

The cool and bright dawn tickled me awake. The birds were singing, some unfamiliar songs, some made me homesick. The trees where fully dressed in new leafy splendor and when I came down the stairs to my delight LuLu (a Tibetan Temple Dog) was as happy to see me as I was to meet her! Louis and Shadow don't get jealous your still my favorite! Mo don't worry your the only animal I sleep with....

When I was fully awake and looked around, low and behold I was in Craftsman paradise! I asked to take pictures as this is my kind of dream house!! Laurie was good enough to allow me to share these with you
One of the ten fireplaces in her home

The freeze is done to memorialize the lady artist's (that built this wonderful house) son whom died young. This picture doesn't do a great job of showing you the lovely blue stone used in the construction and you really can't see details in the lovely scenes depicted around the top, but take my word for it breathtaking!

Here is what I know will be Becky's favorite and certainly mine, this custom tile floor-radiant heat floor, my ultimate favorite

Another lovely fireplace

Dinning room

My spinning corner at Sticks and Strings

The new addict, oh I mean fan, is going to make a Neck Candy in bulky Silk/Cashmere in Newport Rocks

Laurie, owner of Sticks and Strings holding a skein of bulky Snow in 100% cashmere and Sugar in silk/cashmere I've talked her into making the Cossacks Hat from Folk Hat's (it will be way better in our yarn check it out)

The pile of yarn that is now available at Sticks and Strings, can you see the hat pattern?

Look how much I got done on my modified Neck Candy knitted in Yak/Merino in Newport Rocks on the plane I finished it on the return trip, now to block it and get just the right buttons

The view from where I sat spinning. Saturday was a perfect spring day. As I sat spinning in the afternoon, the time change and the gentle whirl of the spinning wheel lulled me to sleep, wonder how many people walking by saw the sleeping spinner (yes still spinning) sitting in the window with her mouth open?

my ever present friend has good taste, beaded Yak and Silk "Butter" and Columbia Gorge-ous

Laurie and Sue had a tussle over the huge skein (7 1/4 oz.s) of beaded Sugar (cashmere/silk) I had to promise to make another one so that Laurie would let it go home with Sue, whom also took the Columbia Gorge-ous in Cash/Silk (she was trying to decide between NW Summer or Gorge-ous but took Gorge-ous)

These are two Tanglewood Fiber Creations projects that Sue has made (really addicted, oh I mean fan...) the one on the left is a feather and fan shawl done with two skeins of Newport Rocks (cash/silk) and the one on the right is really fun, but this picture doesn't do it justice, using one skein of Newport Rocks (cash/silk) and two skeins of Stone in 100% cashmere in a basket weave sort of stitch.. it was so shadow box-ish really neat

It rained on Sunday which was heaven, I really felt at home, however Portland and LA were baking in over 100 degree heat! It was too short a visit and Laurie is talking of having me back in the fall, and I can hardly wait.

Back home (to Los Angeles) and the heat wave that hit LA and Portland has gone (thank goodness and Mike is talking about air-conditioning yeah!), it is overcast and slightly cool. I'm going to go for a long walk today to get some items from the grocery shop to treat my family to a home cooked meal. Becky is on her way to Columbus, Ohio for a labeling class, "real" job related. Mike has grounded me (hence the walk) and since I was a little naughty (ummm Birthday ice cream cake in chocolate with hard chocolate covering in addition to chips on the plane coming home) food wise this weekend, I need the exercise.
Mom is home but missing her friends at Rehab! I'll go to see her sometime this week, but today it is about getting back to Pacific Standard time. I also have some yarn to bead, I can hardly wait to complete the beading on the Stone in cash/silk for Hill Country Weavers I think this will be one of our most special yarns... she only ordered two skeins so if you want one you better pre order them! I'll post pictures when I've done the beading.
If you get a chance see my Mother's Day present from Becky Rose on her blog.... LOVE it!

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monkeyspinner said...

Those are very nice fireplaces. I think if I saw a spinner snoozing in the chair I would think she had been working hard.Hope all is well.