Thursday, May 15, 2008

It doesn't grow on tree's

I've been knitting while visiting my Mom in Rehab. I've finished the scarf and started on a modified Neck Candy, using a skein of Yak/Merino dyed in Newport Rocks I found in a basket in my room.

Using solar power, (as it is about 89 degrees here today) to quickly dry these skeins and scarf so that I can take them to Sticks and Strings, I hung them in the fruit tree. The skein on the left is Baby Camel and Silk that is beaded, the skein on the right is actually two skeins of bulky spun Cashmere/ Silk in Newport Rocks, and the scarf knitted using (Cashmere/Silk in NW Summer) the Diagonal Scarf pattern by Elizabeth, owner of Knit Knot Studio's Portland OR.

A close up of the damp Camel/Silk can you see the beads? This skein is going to Hill Country Weavers

The next project. Cashmere/Silk in the natural "Stone" with the beads that will be spun into it. I'll be spinning this at Sticks and Strings for Hill Country Weavers

Ready to go! Picked right off the tree

Anna with Charlie and new baby Helen. Charlie looks a bit stunned, but Anna looks radiant!

Tomorrow I fly and I'm nearly packed now! It's going ti be a scortching weekend here in Los Angeles, so happy I'll be in New York!


Sheila E said...

Beautiful all around!
Have a Great Trip....I will be thinking of you!
Oh yeah....when you get the time....I have memed you - see my blog for details!

Romi said...

Oooooh. I can't wait to see that silk/cashmere spun up with the beads! Gorgeous!