Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gardening vs yarning

A long time ago I planted some potted plants in the front yard to get them out of pots and to try and beautify the front yard, 6 years later it isn't pretty. Things have changed, I'm managing TFC, I'm on the road more and more and spending more time in Oregon than in Lakewood CA.
Mike and I have been working out the details of trying to spend more time and effort to maintain two properties and run a business, and have a long distance marriage. One of our "plans" is to re-do the front yard in Lakewood. Yesterday Steven began taking out all the over grown plants so that we can do a water-wise Native Californian planted garden. I tried to find a Green Waste recycling place, but after several hours on the phone and not spinning, I gave up. The Los Angeles powers to be aren't interested in recycling green waste, sigh.
I've been spending half my time on the wheel, and half in the garden front and back. Poor Steven hates gardening and is the unwilling "grunt" man of the project. Luckily I'm going out for dinner tonight and am leaving it to the men.
Beaded yarn almost completed! One skein and one more to be completed today, before hacking at trees and bushes gone wild

Fruit has started to come off this tree and while I'm in the back yard hacking back, I'm fighting off the birds, whom are gorging themselves on this bumper crop. Admittedly there is plenty for all of us and Mike is starting to worry that we are going to be eating a lot of Apriums...("what are we going to do with all this fruit?" says Mike, "Food Bank?" Memorial Day super cobbler?" says I, I can't describe the withering look I got)

This was suppose to be a dwarf tree

"Ms. Orange Blossom" or commonly termed "Orchid Cactus" blooming again and now in a better location so it doesn't get too much sun

Close up, Becky says the Epiphylum's at home (Oregon) aren't open yet.

As a reward for our efforts yesterday Steven and I took time to go to the movies. Prince Caspian Rocks!


Booman said...

Prince Caspian does indeed rock!

Sheila E said...

I know what I would do with that lovely fruit....can...can.....& even...put them up! Bring them home to me ;) I wish that we could grow them in Oregon!
It's back to cold and dreary here ;(
Your place is going to be beeutiful when you get it done. Gardening is hard work....leave it to the big boys...and just point!