Sunday, May 11, 2008

The sucky Mothers Day

I will end with a Grateful list but here's the worst. My Mom fell just after locking her door when we were on our way out for a Mother's Day picnic. She broke another vertebra and had 5 staples on the back of her head when she cracked it on the metal railing or the concrete lip on the tile landing, after slipping on the stairs and loosing her balance. I was right there and was unable to catch her. She is now in a "Rehabilitation" Hospital for pain management and to rehabilitate her to be able to walk properly. It smacked of the place we took Mike's Mom out of, but after 11 hours in the Emergency room I wasn't very happy, so even the best place might not have made me happy. So many old ladies in that place and now my beloved Mom is one of them. Steven (the calm gentle giant) was with me, was and is a rock of strenght. He held her leg and hand while I held the other hand until the paramedic's came. Wow the blood on a scalp wound is dramatic.
Grateful list
That there was a hospital
That there was large handsome men that came when I called 911
That Mom didn't break her hip
That I still have a mom, several people this day weren't that lucky
That Mom is in a place where they are going to give her the help she has needed for a long time
That I have a healthy son and daughter
That I spent time today (when she really needed me) with my Mom whom knows the right words to Teddy Bear's picnic
Steven and Becky's picnic was delicious and fed many people today
That I have family that I love and whom loves me
That I have friends that most people dream of having

So now I'm home (well my LA home) and it's really been a long day, not in a good way. Tomorrow I'm going back to the "Rehabilitation" place. Please send your prayers/white light/ healing thoughts to Mom for a speedy and complete pain free recovery.

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Romi said...

Oh dear. :(

I am sending all sorts of white light and healing thoughts your way!!!