Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Fine Day

Amazing, Mom is doing very well. I went to visit her yesterday in the Rehabilitation Center (which in day light and having had a nights rest looks better) I found Mom the Queen of room 15! She has a lovely room-mate, whom is a knitter as well. Mom was very happy and even walked around!
She looked better than I've seen her in months.
I sat and knitted and talked about everything under the sun. It was wonderful.
I'm going to Sticks and Strings in Scarsdale NY on Friday and shipped about 20 pounds of yarn off to them, so if you like yarn go there this weekend!
Becky is busy at home working away on the beginning of the shipments from Spinners. It's an ebb and flow. When I dye, the spinners are waiting, then I send the packages of fiber out, starting about a week later yarn starts coming in. Then the drying racks start filling up with yarn instead of fiber, then I dye again to supply the spinners. There is a pattern starting to emerge from all this...
Good news is that Anna (Emma's sister and Charlie's Mom) has delivered safely a baby girl named Helen! Yesterday. Anna's birthday is in a couple of weeks and she was dead set on not being pregnant on her birthday, she made it!

Catching up on pictures! Louis is blocking my suitcase he was really freaked that I was leaving. We are having a love affair.....

Shelli's hens I love chickens, my chicken's; Sally and one of her friends are living with Jan

Hen Nut's as the old song Big Rock Candy Mountain calls them

I was listening to my IPod on the plane and Night on Bald Mountain was playing, I began to thing of my scarf as a serpent, this is Northwest Summer in Cashmere and Silk

My garden is filled with roses here. I took my Mom a bouquet of them. This is Aroma Therapy

Monica, one of the new ones

Star Jasmine wall again the yard is filled with sink

I'm not sure the name on this one, Becky planted it some time ago

Look how the fruit is bursting from this tree

Scarlett watching me and singing her heart out

We think this must be Mr. Lincoln, it has the strongest smell

My artichokes! Guess what's for dinner

Going back to see Mom now. Thanks for all your kind prayers and thoughts.


Sheila E said...

I am taking a moment to smell the roses on your blog!! It's all beautiful! So glad to hear that your Mom is doing well...and that there's a knitter in the room...what luck!

Becky Rose said...

Louis sure looks svelt! That rice diet must be working...