Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I'm off to spend the day with my Mom and then to Mike's Mom. I've made it safely down to Los Angeles! However the leaving was very hard at Knitterly. I'm always sad to leave everyone there. Paige, Jen, Heidi, Ashleigh, Sandi, Alan, Shelli and Jeff, were all there to say good bye to me yesterday......sniff sniff
However Steven and Mike were really glad to see me and the garden is full of roses (as soon as I can track down an Abraham Darby there'll be one more) and the wall of Star Jasmine has gone wild with blooms, just as the Pink Jasmine has finished. The Fruit tree (some mix of plums and apricots or nectarines) is covered with fruit all most ready. The lemon tree has dropped lots of fruit so I'll have to do some harvesting. I have more pictures but I'm running low on batteries and my equipment is packed somewhere but just wanted to drop a note and say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

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monkeyspinner said...

I hope you had a great mothers day :) I put up pictures of my ceramic chickens.