Friday, May 23, 2008

My favorite skein

I make a lot of yarn but I only have had a few favorites. I loved the Lavender Moon in Merino/Angora/Cashmere, but yesterday I plied (my spinning) and beaded my favorite skeins. Even though it is the natural color of Cashmere/Silk and no crystals just elegant subtle beads, it still speaks to me. It took ages and ages to spin and ply. This is two skeins together. I don't know yet how many yards there are but lots and lots is my impression.
it's unbelievably soft and luscious. I hope the lucky knitter/crocheter/weaver that owns this/these skeins are as in love with them as I and makes something wonderful with it/them

Remember these skeins are going to Hill Country Weavers....

You haven't seen many (OK only one) of our front yard in Lakewood. That's because other than the artichokes there wasn't anything I would like anyone to see. Poor neighbors. Yesterday Steven, Mike and I got busy and cut down all the Rosemary gone wild, so wild that the city came and asked us to trim it back off the sidewalk. Steven trimmed but we've decided to go native. Mike and I have been watching PBS's programs about invasive species, so natives it is. Our backyard can be all roses and jasmine and such but the front will be a testament of environmental responsibility.

It isn't a large area and didn't take long to get 6 years worth of growth gone, a little sad

Just as we were finishing up the heavens opened huge rain drops came down wild winds started up, not so strange in Oregon but unheard of in Southern California. It is cool and breezy and overcast today not skein drying weather. I would like to go to the farmers market today but I have two skeins of beaded Cashmere/Silk to produce today. Only one is spun....

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