Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Productive Day

Today I went to the Greater Los Angeles Spinners Guild with Alexandra. We both took Katie's Painted Hills in Cashmere/Silk to spin while enjoying a very informative program about the chemistry of dyeing, by Janel Laidman. I learned a lot, and also purchased her new sock book!
I re-united with many SC spinners friends and met some new ones. It made me happy to go as I missed Aurora's Guild meeting on Thursday, the big scarf exchange.
Helene modeling her new scarf that she wove. Helene was in one of the first classes I taught, Spinning Beyond the Basic's. She is a jewel and a lovely spinner.

Alexandra and I spinning away, we both got two bobbins done! She was a little faster, she took lots of notes during the program, while I spun a very thin ply for the beading.

After Guild Alexandra and I weren't ready for the fun to end so we went to the local bead shop and shopped until we got kicked out (not because we were too wild, but because it was closing time). We compiled two new bead mixes, one for the spun Katie's Painted Hills (seen here) and one for NW Winter! I never thought to bead this color-way but now can't wait to try it.

Here is the result, the first skein of Katie's Painted Hills beaded. This mix of beads contains some vintage German crystals! They are a smokey gray color....

Before I could ply the Katie's Painted Hills I had to finish the Newport Rocks (Cashmere/Silk of course) beading and here are two skeins completed and ready for washing and reskeining.

All of these beaded skeins are going to Hill Country Weavers. No one has seen the NW Winter in the beaded yarn, but that will have to wait until I get back home, I haven't got any of that fiber with me.
It's been a long beading night and there are lots of stray beads on the floor, several beading accidents, but all is well now (or at least until someone walks across the floor bare footed). I have one more skeins of KPH's to bead but that will have to wait until tomorrow night, after I visit with my Mom. Monday is a BBQ at my niece Stephanie's house, looking forward to seeing Skylar and talking about her trip to Oregon! My BSG hotel reservations are made, much to Becky's relief. My talk of buying a tent and camping out in the back of her truck where not well received so we will be at a local hotel.
We had the tree in the front yard removed today and as a bonus they removed all the yard debris we had accumulated over the last week of hacking back things. Most notably was the Pink Jasmine on a trellis, now you can see the trellis.
Off to a well deserved bed!


Sheila E said...

NO FAIR....You have ALL the Fun!
Wish I was there....but soon Black Sheep will be upon us and hopefully I will get some time with you....and many hugs!
I miss you....& Alexandra!!

Laura said...

Oh Trish...

Had I known that you were going to be at GLASG this month, I would have made an appearance there!