Friday, May 09, 2008

It just gets better

Today was an amazing day. It was blue sky and just a pleasant warmth that spring brings. I took three walks to the post office yarn is making it's way to Sticks and Strings today,
We had another spinning class tonight. Cheryl and Shelly learned to spin beautiful yarn, Alan had troubles with an old crabby wheel and felted roving, but finished the roving he had and I plied his wonderful spinning, Sandi now has neat yarn.
Shelli put these Sally Holmes Roses to further my enjoyment of the Temple of Yarn

It is one of the most comfortable beds I've ever slept in. Truly wonderful

Introducing Rosemary, who is an incredible knitter, and has a book coming out in October. Rosemary drove miles and miles to come to see me, little did I know she has on occasion viewed my blog. I of course have viewed hers as it has fabulous knitted items pictured. Look carefully at the lace shawl she has on......

Rosemary is indulging in a whiff of the Yak and Merino Yarn in "Marble". Remember this yarn is set with organic Lavender, but it still has a little yaky smell as well, which she found lovely, note to self use more Lavender Oil.

Petaluma just rocks. There were so many people on the blvd. today greeting me, talking with me and enjoying the beautiful spring day. I'm so happy I got to be here and visit with everyone. Jane came 2 1/2 hours to talk sheep with me. She has California Reds, so we talked sheep all so briefly as the class was starting to come in. I'm feeling so loved and blessed.
Totally immersed in spinning, and getting another bobbin done of Camel and Silk in beading weight yarn (lots of yardage) I am in heaven, Sandi and Rosemary have other great pictures. Alan worked on the web-site tonight, and did more spinning I hope he sleeps better tonight....
Off to bed (umm into the Yarn Temple) and then tomorrow a short day at Knitterly then a short flight to Los Angeles with Steven picking me up and whisking me home another visit at Knitterly draws to a close.

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Romi said...

It was so fun meeting you! Mwah and hugs to you! :D