Sunday, April 27, 2008

In the Thick of it

I am so deep into getting yarn made that getting the blog updated or anything else is second. Another difficult week health wise for me. I don't recommend having two root canals and a colonoscopy in the same week, it is too much for one body in one week. Mike is also getting caught up on long put off dental work.

Meanwhile things are getting very organized here and we are expanding our systems to get yarn made faster. I have hot and cold water in the dye studio that is internal so no more freezing when the weather is nasty. The weather has been terrible this past week starting with snow and then raining most of the week. Yesterday was the first day it was wonderful, a rare spring day. Dyeing got done. All cashmere and cashmere/silk. We have been very short on cashmere as we had to wait for another shipment to come from Mongolian.
The Tuff Shed now houses all the garden tools and trash cans and has electricity. James the rabbit is well and now is living in the dye studio, a rodent that I don't mind in the dye studio. All this progress has provided much needed organization and very sore muscles, and shrinking waist lines.

Beth is coming on Thursday to visit, she has a bloom on her Epiphyllum, I can hardly wait to show her the blooms coming up on most of my plants here in Oregon. One special plant has several blooms on it, my first plant, purchased on an anniversary trip at least 7 years ago to the San Diego Wild Animal park, I have never seen this bloom, and have no idea what color it will bloom. Meanwhile the garden has exploded with blooming bulbs, the dessert of spring after the long dark meal of winter.

We are down several spinners due to changing lives, terrible car accidents and family tragedies. Please spend a moment wishing/praying for these families strength to deal with these life challenges.
Time for the grateful list!
1. I have a beautiful colon, very beautiful according to the Doctor.
2. I have a husband that loves me and has a better understanding of what my life is like, and still wants a piece of it.
3. I have friends, professional and social, the kind of friends that most people of dream of.
4. That there are lots of people whom really love what we do.
5. I have dental insurance.
6. I don't have Autoimmune Hepatitis.
7. My children are grown, and healthy.
8. I have a work space that is growing to be a lovely place to work.
9. I have a wonderful view to look out on, even in the snow and rain.
10. I can pull into the garage without fear of scratching the car or taking out a leaning tower of somewhat unwanted possessions.
11. I have a job I love!
I would really love to hear your grateful list! Please post them or e-mail them to me. Again more than 4 of our spinners are really in need of your prayers/best wishes, please take a moment to send them good thoughts.
Off to spin! One thing I am learning is the boss gets to do all the jobs. Just now I'm needed to spin.

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