Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taking care of one's self

It takes time and with the new health regime comes a lot of appointments. Yesterday was two root canals from old crowns. I was suppose meet my friends Julie to go to lunch and then to see Yarn Harlot. I don't remember yesterday. I do remember talking to Julie, after being horribly sick and Mike saying to get back to bed. These are my only memories of yesterday. Today I'm on a clear liquid diet and have to take a series of nasty sounding stuff in preparation for more tests on Thursday.
Today Mike goes to the dentist to have lots of work done as well. I'm staying home to see the plumber and DHL for the cashmere order.
The New Shed is done and in place and has all the trash cans in it. So today I will be trying to get dyeing done before Courtney comes this afternoon.
Becky is going to be farm sitting for Jan this weekend, so no work for her at TFC.
I'd love to post more pictures but until I get to high speed, but real yarn work has to happen, and spending time at Joe's just won't work with that plan.
Mike is working on the drying booths for both yarn and fiber, yeah!
Well off to enjoy a clear Jell-o and some none milked tea!

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