Thursday, May 01, 2008


Stealing a moment from packing so that I can post all these saved pictures. Tomorrow Mike and I are driving to Petaluma to drop me at Knitterly then Mike is driving home to Lakewood. I'll be teaching a spinning class and having yarn fun then fly to Los Angeles in time for Mother's Day fun. Then off to Stick and String in New York for more fun May 16th through May 18th!
Here is the row of cabins at Lonesome Cove Resort on the island of San Juan

This is our view from our cabin's window

Another view out the window

The Cherry Tree blooming hopping with Hummingbirds

I was allowed to take the wheel and knitting this trip. Here is where I sat and spun and knit enjoying a roaring fire (day and night) Thanks to Mike. Note the finished Neck Candy drying on the stone mantel!

Mike points out where Lonesome Cove Resort is located on the map

A little piece of Spring we took from our garden

We took a ferry to Orcas Island to see if we could get to the top of Mt. Constitution this trip. The last time it was too snowy to visit this Castle
Skunk Cabbage starting to grow along the drive to Mt. Constitution

This is an inside view at the "Castle" at the top of Mt. Constitution on Orcas Island

A look at how tall the Castle was

This is one of the scenic vista's that you can see from the top of Mt. Constitution, it's been said, probably twice what this looks like!

Lime Kiln Lighthouse the best viewing point anywhere for Orcas, we didn't see any but it was a lovely hike

This is a picture of the live Myrtle Trees that I couldn't pass up, perhaps a new color-way?

Here's the car parked while getting some pictures

We had lounged enough so we went for a walk and visited English Camp on San Juan Island. This is one of the tomb"stones" I took to show my Mom. She is from Derby England as well

Along side the grave yard (which is a huge walk from English Camp) there is this glade of "Shooting Stars"

We had some good weather although it was never "warm" this storm blew up and started the snow. We were warm dry and happy watching from the window

After it had stormed this was the sunset!

Our host gave us another day "on the house", so we got home on Sunday,

Moses "about time you got home!"

the next day brought the Tuff Shed!
This now houses all the trash cans and the garden equipment, it even has full electrical capabilities

The new garage door installed at the same time as the Tuff Shed

This is what the Dye Studio now looks like from the outside

This is what it now looks like on the inside

Wow so much has happened since I've download just these pictures! I'll be in high speed tomorrow so look forward to some more pictures! Tomorrow Knitterly!!!
Almost everyone that carries TFC yarn has or will be getting a package, if you need good yarn go and check your LYS out!

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