Friday, March 28, 2008

Yarn gets made

I'm feeling pretty good and have been busy puttering around. I want to show you the lovely gift Mike gave me yesterday...

Yes all "stinky" according to the labels, the one that has the most open flowers is "Arizona" and one of the pink one's is Miranda, and then there is a Mister Lincoln, and this one with no name, and a dark pink, my favorite

Today was perfect weather and this is a view from my SIL's house. There is Mustard growing and a special small sunflower clusters everywhere on the hills of Palos Verdes, where I grew up. Today at home it's snowing. Becky's friend Casey flew to Portland today in his shorts and t-shirt. He has purchased some suitable clothing this afternoon and they are going to a concert tonight. It's hard to believe that spring hasn't quite sprung yet at home. Hope my bulbs aren't too affected by the late snow today

I went to visit with Val and my parents today. Mom is having some health issues, degenerative vertebra and is having a "procedure" next week to fix them up. Please keep her in your wellness thoughts.
Yarn is getting made here. These are three skeins that are drying, two Katie's Painted Hills in Mer/Ang/Cash and one NW Summer in Cash/Silk

Here is another that is plied but not yet set in Newport Rocks Mer/Ang/Cash, there is another of these skeins ready to ply and one in a new fiber Butter colored Yak and Silk ummmm I'm beading this as soon as I buy more beads.... yes I left all the beads at home!

Here is Cashmere/Silk in Newport Rocks waiting to be spun and some more Newport Rocks in Mer/Ang/Cash.... I'm saving this for Sunday at Knitters Studio

Two skeins, one is the last of the Lavender Moon that I'm planning to make a Neck Candy out of (and so that I have matching gloves and Neck Candy for my trip to Lonesome Cove Resort on the Island of San Juan in Washington) and one is for a scarf for an Aurora Guild's fiber exchange. I've done the spinning, now I've got to set it and then get the scarf pattern from Elizabeth at Knit Knot, we're hoping this pattern will be in the new One Skein Wonder's, Luxury Fiber Edition can they possibly put two Tanglewood Fiber Creations yarn pattern's in their book we'll find out!

I feel kind of good about this spinning since I've been so down for so long. 8 skeins worth of spinning isn't bad! I think Becky is happy that I've been plying my own spinning as she has been holding down the fort for Tanglewood Fiber Creations and all the spinners have been really busy while I've been away. "Mom there is a huge pile of yarn" "I don't know where to send it all...who needs yarn?", unfortunately I'm the only one that knows who gets what next! So I've got to fly home early and sort it out while Mike is going to make the drive several days later, bringing Becky's rabbit. Everyone needs yarn, I'm getting daily calls from all our yarn shops wondering if a package is coming their way soon. The answer is; yes, some yarn (I don't know what has been done, so I don't know who is getting yarn!) is going out at the end of next week, I'll keep you updated.
I'm looking forward to filling some orders and dyeing the huge shipment of fiber (all cashmere and cashmere/silk) that is coming next week. I'll leave everything in better shape while I go on my 27th Wedding Anniversary trip.
Meanwhile, Becky is doing us up a new form so that anyone can tell who gets what yarn, and I'm not indispensable. After being so sick we realize that I can't be the only one to know "things", so a lot of training is planned when I get home from the San Juan Islands.
Tomorrow I'm going to see my MIL she is walking! What a trouper. My SIL and BIL have been wonderful care givers, we are lucky, what an inspirational trio!
Mike has all ready planted two of the rose bushes and I set up an e-mail account for him on his new computer. I also downloaded music onto his new IPod, by mistake, using all of the 8g of memory. Not sure how I did this, can't believe he had that much music on his computer. I'll have Steven sort it out as I'm pretty sure that's the source of the extra music, and all the "comedy".
Today I drove Mike's old little Honda Civic, it has no back seat or stereo at the moment. Mike loves to tinker with car audio stuff and this car has been customized several times, now it has provided some of the gear updating his new car. It is only a 5 speed stick shift and is a little more manageable to shift. However it has an Acura hot rod motor in it. So it drives just like his new car, and loud! Oh my, I get the looks and double takes when other drivers find it's an old fat lady and not some young man in his twenties driving this jalopy, sorry Mike, "Classic Rice Rocket". It has hot wheels too..... it's soon to be for sale as well. One hot rod is enough.
This is the latest I've been up for a month. It took forever to get Mike's computer working and then I got sucked into the whole Ipod debacle, so the plying I had planned on doing will have to wait until tomorrow. Mike-if you are reading this tomorrow morning please wake me before you leave for work, I've got to get this yarn done for Sunday. I hope everyone that can will join me on Sunday at the Knitter's Studio for some knitting fun!

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