Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wish me luck

Crazy weather! It is cold and mizzaly (my word for misty, foggy, slightly damp almost raining weather) this morning as I get ready for my big day at Knitters Studio. I have started the morning early as I get really nervous before I go to an event such as this. The stomach usually acts up, which it is and once awakened at 2:30 am never really got back to sleep. Mike is a habitual early riser, I'm not. He made me lay there to try and fall back to sleep but all I could do was think of all the things I had to do and the box that is lost and won't be there today with all my samples in it.....and lots of yarn, yes there is a tracking number but it doesn't give anymore information on the website than it was received, not where it is now. Then what to wear.... is it going to stay like this? I would like to wear my cashmere scarf, but I don't want to boil if a lot of people come, but then will anyone besides me come? Here is a sample of has been running through the mind for the last 4 1/2 hours. So Mike made me a cup of tea before he left. Then I looked at my e-mail and Beth sent me this crazy weather picture from Walla Walla Washington!

Wow I love the colors. Beth and I are going to get together when I get back to St. Helens as her skiing instructor job is over this weekend. We are both looking forward to a weekend of "Darling Buds of May" (a television series from the BBC adapted from a book of the same title. I got the whole series on DVD several years ago, it is a real chick's event to sit and watch the over 13 disc's the set has, a lot of spinning gets done that day!) and tea and Muchas Gracias.
Alan (Love you too Sandi!) sent me some great idea's about the website, which has never really interested me (time sucker, rather make yarn) and Don doesn't really have time for, especially since I'm not that interested in spending the time it takes to "really do something better." Alan spent a lot of time planning interesting and pertinent information, so look forward to a better website soon. I realized that I haven't updated our vendors list, so look for a lot of new shops (Knitters Studio for one) to be posted not only on the blog but on the updated website. Alan, I can see a sweater's worth of yarn coming your way! (He likes the new Yak/Merino in the Marble color) We'll have to consult Sandi for details.
I have booked my flight for home this coming Saturday. Mike isn't happy, he wanted to spend some traveling time with me but I pointed out we will have plenty in the San Juan Islands and I have 30 pounds of cashmere alone to dye before we go. 39 pounds of cashmere/silk too, but I'm not even thinking about that, (lie, I am too, you start to see why the 2:30 am wake up and no sleep since) let's just get through today without the box of yarn that is missing/lost. I'm bringing one extra skein for this event making 6 or 7 that will be there. I'll have to tell lovely stories and/or hold an auction for the ball of yarn in Super-wash Merino that I have knitted a tiny pair of socks for Mark out of.
I have enjoyed the Mockingbirds that sing all night through, making them more like Nightingales (again making me think about the Darling Buds of May). Their songs are lovely and now it is day light my African Grey parrot "Scarlet" has joined the song with some of her "sounds of Lakewood" collection. She does a large truck backing up (beep, beep, beep), my laugh ("hahahaha oh my)", different birds' songs like House Finch, Anna's Hummingbird (including the noise that the males make with their wings during a territorial display), the phone (land line from St. Helens when she lived there and we had "that" phone over ten years ago), Mike's voice saying things like "Hello" and an X rated kissing sound (perhaps picked up while she was a chick in her incubator housed in the bedroom?), sometimes in the afternoon she'll take little pieces of music I have whistled and make her own "song", and the list goes on. When I use to have severe migraines I would to try and count how many different sounds Scarlet made while the medicine was working, before it would make me fall asleep, 47 was the highest I got one morning before I was out. There are wild parrots that are in the neighborhood, often a stray Cockatiel or Love bird will fly into the yard, there are breeding wild Conures and even a pair of Amazon parrots that fly around the neighborhood, this morning in fact. One lady had a pair of Blue and Gold Macaw's that had a brood in her attic. They can be nasty birds and destructive, and did tons of damage to her roof and attic, not to mention them defending their territory, although how exciting would it be to host a Macaw family!
Now it's really time to get going. I have a skein to label for today, wish it was more. Had a wonderful day yesterday visiting with Mike's side of the family. I love seeing my MIL (she has a "bling walker") doing so well, such an inspiration. My SIL got a new phone, I'm upset because I kinda liked the fact that her phone use to call me, even if the hours were a little late.
Wish me luck today! I'm off to "work" LOL.

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