Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dry run

Here in Los Angeles going anywhere could be an adventure. So today I took a dry run to Knitters Studio, so that I could have an idea of how much time to allow on Sunday, also to pick up some misguided yarn. So Off I went today in my husband's car, which is a little fast sport's car. It has 6 gears so shifting is a never ending ordeal.

Directed by "Susan" the GPS voice, I was onto the freeway. What was suppose to be a 20 minute trip ended up to be about an hour. This traffic was on the 5 north freeway

And then onto the 10 west

And then I ended up here which is close to the shop...Umm Little Ethiopia.

When I finally found the shop, not hard just long, bladder bursting, I drove around and around and around and then decided to hang it all and left the car with a restaurant's valet service and went into the shop. Low and Behold Liz took this picture of me and the yarn in her shop

This is Sarah doing hard things on the computer, look to her right and there is our yarn. There is more in the back but it needs to be data entered. There is another box coming from Texas so they are trying to get it all entered before Sunday

It was a very pleasant afternoon, two lovely ladies where there today and we all knitted. I did a little spinning and all too soon it was time to get back into the car and come home. Not feeling the love for the freeways at 5:30 in the afternoon I decided to let Susan direct me through the side streets of LA. Very interesting so many people, the buildings, the cars, a chicken? Yes on Vernon Ave and Alameda today there was a chicken crossing the road. It was a lovely day but Mike says after the last two days of being out it's time for me to spend a day resting. I agree as I'm tired. I'm sore from shifting and sitting up. I was winded just from walking a block, so it is time for rest. I know I know don't overdo. Much love to all. but Mike says it's jammy time now.


Autumn said...

Yes Traffic bad, as I found out on my trip from Long Beach to PS that night. Your hair looks great so happy you feel better.

Donna said...

You look lovely and healthy in that picture! Sounds like a wonderful day.

Sheila E said...

Look how CUTE you are ;)
So glad to know that you are out and about...and that the man with the whip is watching out for you!
Quite an improvement from the last few weeks!