Saturday, March 22, 2008

The world gets bigger

For a week my world has been the foot of the bed and the sliver of outside that I can see from the door.

It has been a pleasant view especially since I haven't been awake to look at it much. However I've been getting better each day I can sit up longer and carry on a telephone conversation without coughing.
Yesterday I went out to dinner. It was wonderful. People, big world, lovely food. Fried Green Tomatoes. They aren't really fried, in a traditional batter and deep fried, but with a light topping of cornmeal. It was heaven. I brought most of my food home as I'm still not up to eating lots, but those tomatoes, ummm.
We've had HBO for free this weekend. Direct TV is doing a promotion and I've been enjoying" John Adams". It really brings home the appreciation of our freedom. Voting is so important please everyone try and vote.
Today I hope to go out with Steven and do a little mending of socks. The four pairs of socks I brought down have gaping holes in the toes and heels. I have found in the closet here some yarn and I bought some needles to darn with, and put in my new needle case that Brother Albert made in curly maple.

I think I'll have to knit some patches as some of the holes are rather large. Good thing we're going into spring.
It was 76 degrees here yesterday, good for getting better. Off to eat my leftovers and repair my socks....

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