Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good health Restored!

Mike has proclaimed me better (but not enough to go visiting or drive anywhere) as I cooked a pork roast with onions and apples along with roast potatoes and asparagus tonight for our little Easter Celebration, all the herbs used were from the garden, I can't believe how many plants of Thyme we have. I also managed to spin and ply two skeins of Katie's Painted Hills in Mer/Ang/Cash. I will set them tomorrow along with a skein (the last) of Lavender Moon.
I plan to go shopping tomorrow and get my hair done. The weather and different water has made my hair flat and having laid on it for two weeks, I'm ready for a change.
it was nice to cook today but I'm sore and tired and looking forward to the bed, but not until it has cooled in the bedroom as the weather turned hot today, and was in the mid 80's. It is still 80 degrees in the house now! At home it's 46 and raining. Jan and Neil have a fire going. They went out with Becky today and all called to wish me well, very nice. I got several lovely e-mails from all kinds of friends, making it seem like I'm not so removed from all things fun.
I finally downloaded my Itunes card. I received this card not this past Christmas but last. It was interesting and not as hard as I thought. Now I have lots more music on my Ipod. I hope to be able to listen to it while driving up to Oregon, in a couple of weeks.
Off to bed now, my back and sides are sore from sitting up and coughing. Still coughing but not so much as before. jan is still coughing and she had the crud a full two weeks before me! Probably a good thing to be in a warm climate. I look forward to more spinning tomorrow!!!

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