Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Super Woman has left the building

Yes I can fly, yes I feel like I can jump buildings at a single bound, yes I think I can do anything if I only try. If I think I'm well therefore I will be well.
Well it's not working. I'm sick, too sick to go anywhere. Too sick to sit up. Really I'm not sure how I got to LA above the fact that I just powered the drugs and now I can't hear, except through a roaring underwater sound anymore.
I'm staying home this weekend.
My SIL is making me an appointment, and my husband is taking the remnants of Super Woman to the doctor. They talked. Becky has talked, Mike and Becky and Cinti (the nurse) talked. I haven't the strength to care.
Steven made dinner last night. He has done all the meal planning and did the dishes. I must be really sick, they are really worried.
Meanwhile Becky is working two jobs. Her "real" job and my "job". Let's see how well I did leaving the production notes behind? I'll get my "review" later on today when she is joined by Courtney to carry on the yarn making at TFC headquarters.
Side note here. Becky's new job, it has come to a halt. Last month the plant announced that they were closing and she had until June to find a new job, yes she worked there for one month. Frantic and sad for most of the month Becky has been looking (AGAIN) for a new job, and this week found one. It isn't in Portland but nearer Salem. Farther away, and she has to move again. Are there any young men out there that would like to earn a few bucks? I'm not going to be moving one box. Remember I playing the sick card. We are proud and thrilled that Becky got another and probably better job.

Meanwhile to distract me from being too bummed about being sick and no work getting done and having to cancel yet more plans because I'm sick. Mike talked of my plans for a yarn factory. Ventilation, heat and air conditioning. Drying boxes, not in the downstairs bathroom. How to work less and smarter, my favorite subject. He has agreed to join me this summer to make a yarn factory out of one of our garages. Now if some happy intern will just volunteer.........Remind me when I'm well how excited I was tonight to think about having a yarn factory.

Currently it takes 10 skeins to make a hoody cashmere sweater. Just in case you were wondering. We think it may take 10 skeins to knit an afghan but we know it takes 44 skeins of textured cashmere to crochet one.
I want a night gown in cashmere/silk, I really do. I've thought about little else while laying in bed. Cotton is way more practical, but when your skin hurts from the shower beating on it, really cashmere/silk is what sounds good.
I can smell the onions Steven cooked this evening. I could taste them slightly as well. Yeah, although the thought of them now is making me slightly nauseous.
I can't sleep, it hurts to lay anymore. I want to spin but I can't sit up long enough. Knitting, it hurts the arms to lift them high enough to try and make the stitches, plus you know even when I'm well getting patterns right isn't my forte.
I'm off back to give bed a try again.
I love my family. I love that Steven is the "day shift" for taking care of me. I love that they are happy to be making me REST. I'm feeling the love, I am Super Woman because I'm loved.

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