Sunday, March 16, 2008

I made it

I made it. Two plane rides and I'm here. It was great to have Mike meet me at the airport although my black suitcase is history as the baggage handlers destroyed it, good thing it's marked fragile. Mine wasn't the only one damaged however, one suitcase was open and clothes were hanging out.
Luckily it wasn't the bag with my wheel in it just clothes.
I took pictures of all the bulbs coming up in St. Helens at Tanglewood Fiber Creations Headquarters. Spring the most hopeful time of the year

I left the cats outside and the water and heater is off. Mo was so worried he was going that he took off early this morning as I loaded suitcases in the car. While he is a good traveler it isn't his favorite. Becky will go get him later today and have him at her house while I'm gone.
All the others are on their own. Pee-Kitty and Momma Kitty are great hunters and we have a lovely barn for their shelter and hunting needs.
Here is a Hyacinth bulb I bought last year from Trader Joe's and then when it was finished planted here. I've another one the same color to plant this year, predictable. Didn't realize until this one came up.

I love Hyacinths, they are "stinky" but in a good way

Another view of these luscious Daffodils

Then after uneventful air travel look what awaited me here in the back yard! I can't smell this Jasmine but Mike says it's "stinky"

Mike is really into Agua-culture. He has been re-doing his 85 gallon tank and I'm seeing it for the first time. All these plants are real

I have to eat now. I bought a sandwich at the airport but it never really sounded "good" so now we are waiting for some English Sausages to be finished. Soul Food. I'm all ready in my jam's and just waiting to eat before I slip into slumber as I am worn out. I do feel better, having my husband close by helps. Human company, makes a change.


Sheila E said...

I'll miss knowing that you are up in the PNW...but glad to know that you are being well taken care of!
Now Maybe you can get some real R&R...gosh I hope so!

Laura said...

There was an article in the LA Times last week about luggage marked "fragile." The anonymous baggage handler said that, at best, the marking is ignored because it's more important to fit the luggage into the hold than be careful about it. At worst, though, he said that the marking made the luggage so tagged a target for angry handlers.

You're in Los Angeles? E-mail me with your schedule and we'll see if we can finally see each other!