Saturday, March 15, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

I am going to Los Angeles tomorrow, I am. I'm trying to pack up and close down the house. This is a huge job, and it doesn't help when you have to lay down just for a moment, every other moment.
I've cleared out the fridge. I've eaten most of what's in there, but haven't tasted much. I've emptied the trash. I've balled up the dry dyed fiber ready for others to send it to spinners. I've sent out a couple of boxes to Hill Country Weavers and Knitters Studio.
I've done laundry and now is the packing of the suitcases. I hate this part. It is so hard and even though Becky gave me a grand list (I can't find) I still hate it.
I've got piles all over the house. Mo is laying almost off the edge of the bed because there is a huge suitcase spread out on the bed.
I'm not sure which is better getting all the suitcases upstairs or packing them from downstairs. As I can't hardly breath and get winded just going up or down the stairs I think everything is going down, ready to be loaded into the car.
I will be giving my seat mate Airborne on the trip, but my coughing is down to almost nothing and the fever hasn't been back since late last night. I am really wheezy and tired. I'll sleep well tonight.
I've taken back all the DVD's and bought 6 new tooth brushes. It was sad to see my light-up travel toothbrush going into the trash but I kept thinking of all the nasty germs it harbors and it was a little easier.
I'll take a few snaps of the flowers that are blooming so as to post them when I get to the high speed in LA. I've done the business taxes wheew this was a big job and now I'm done for another year.
I've put a hold on my mail, and leave the production room in some kind of order, not great but better than this morning.
I've got to finish packing but wish me luck tomorrow, all I have to do is get dressed and to the airport. Mike is picking me up from there. I will have to change planes in Seattle, but hopefully it won't be a long walk. Next stop LA CA

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