Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am grateful

On the way home from Urgent Care at 10:00 pm on Tuesday night I listened to the radio and the message was be grateful for what you DO have. Then while I was taking my tablets and cough syrup I was watching Mother Angelica her message was being grateful for what you DO have. While I have been unbelievably sick and really mad about it since it has been a full month of missing things and dragging around coughing. I decided instead of feeling bad and sad I should make my mental grateful list.
1. I'm grateful for the lovely ladies (whom know my name and are glad when I come in) and Dr. Richie ("well Trish you have the real deal Flu, not a cold, but the good news is that you don't have pnemonhia") at Urgent Care, and the fact that I have insurance.
2. I'm grateful for the young lady at Walgrens (I have never been into the new Walgrens until Tuesday and am really grateful that they are open until 10:00) that pushed my prescription through even though they don't fill prescriptions after 9:30.
3. I'm grateful to all my friend and family that have called to tell me to get better and for my family to let up on the whole "I do too much and don't rest enough" which is true, but who likes to hear "I told you so" especially when they feel worse than a dead dog.
4. Alaskan Airlines let me change my reservation with no charge, except for the additional plane ride.
5. That Sunshine Pizza delivers Minestrone soup and even offered to make me a grilled cheese sandwich, although not on their menu.
6. Courtney offered to come to work today, even though I'm probably contagious, when I started to toss up the little bit of graham cracker I had for food today. I called her and told her to stay home ("Trish when are you going to get better it's been a month").
7. Even though I had to cancel my plans to Vashon Island the whole crew called to tell me how sad they were I'm not there, I'm sad too but glad that I'm not passing this virus on.
8. I'm grateful that I have a thriving business and all the lovely yarn shops (and their owners) that support us and the people that love our yarn, that they even call me to thank me for making nice yarn.
9. That I have a clean house, because of Cora and her ladies that came on Tuesday ("Trish I've washed out the toothbrush holder but you really need a new tooth brush, one is not harboring germs", "oh right probably my travel one is riddled with them too").
10. That I have a comfortable bed and a loving cat that must know that I'm poorly as he has been my consent companion. Nothings better than a big warm furry cat cuddling up to you, even though he isn't really into cuddling.
11. That there are 17 3/4 pounds of dyed fiber drying (I was really busy on Monday) and ready to be weighed out and spun. However Lavender Moon eluded me, but no fear I think I have it worked out.
12. That I have organized files and was able to find a shipping receipt no problem when needed today.
13. That this Flu can't be a forever thing and sometime soon this will be a memory and I will have built up anti-bodies to this virus.
14 That I have 13 things to be grateful for, all the program asked me to do was 3, it wasn't even hard to get to 13.
15. I'm grateful that even though I'm in a big drafty house in the hills of Saint Helens living by myself (which is sucking lately) I have a gorgeous view of a verdant valley, and was able to watch a Bald Eagle fly across it yesterday.
You begin to get the picture. It has been really good to be focusing on the good instead of how bad I feel. So next time things are looking bleak take a page out of Oprah and Mother Angelica's book. Three things to be grateful for it's easier than you think.


Autumn said...

So Sorry your sick. I hope you feel better and enjoy your cat and bed. Please take care of your self~Autumn

Sheila E said...

I loved your post!
One of the things that I am grateful for is my friendship with you! You are a very Special Lady...and I hope that you will Kick this flu in it's butt....SOON!!
Sending healing energy your way!!

Denise said...

Oh dear, Trish, I'm so sorry you've been sick such a long time. I hope you are feeling better soon.

I remember last year when I was sick all of January - it just wore me down. I wish I were close enough to bring you some nice chicken soup. I'll send you some healing thoughts instead (virtual chicken soup!).

take care.

Laura said...

Oh Trish,

I surely hope you are feeling better soon!

Take care...

Julie said...

Get well soon, Trish. Enjoy the love your kitty gives you, and rest up. I will count my blessings today, too. You are an inspiration!