Monday, March 31, 2008

It was a nice day

I had such a nice quiet day today. Becky started her new job, again, she is a little bummed about starting over yet again and not having anyone to train her, again. I talked to Jan (spinning ewe farms) and I went outside with Mike. I'm sending these pictures to my friends and family that are having extreme weather conditions. Portland area has suffered a week of snow and hail. It has been cold. They saw the sun for the first time in a week this afternoon.
The is Scarlet the African Grey, she sang and laughed with Becky on the phone

Mike's 85 gallon tank he was doing maintance on this afternoon

Mike has many tanks this one has a gold fish in

A smaller tank with Cardinal Tetra's in

Becky's tree. This is covered with fruit it is a aplium (?) a cross between a apricot and plum, but not a plucot, hopefully we will get the fruit before the birds do

This is a corner of the back yard. Becky planted all these plants the Lemon tree is covered with fruit and Mike will be driving some up when he comes. They are pink lemons

The Mockingbird is singing away and still singing, SPRING

Here is Mike planting the last rose bush, Mr. Lincoln it's a little dry

The same rose minutes later refreshed

Arizona Rose



This is a rose Becky planted it's bloom is so heavy it falling over. I love it

The Epiphyluim is blooming

I have ordered Thai food to be delivered this is one thing that I love about Lakewood. I know Beth I'm trying new healthy things, she knows Thai isn't a choice I'd normally make but it sounds good on my new "healthy" plan. It was gooood! I've eaten and taken my shower and now in my pretty nighties. I'm going to finish my Neck Candy. Tomorrow I'll go get some more needles for the exchange scarf project and probably make another Neck Candy! Go forth and fiber

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