Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Picture Happy

Another view of what happened on Sunday at the Knitter's Studio!

Work getting done. I did two bobbins of Cashmere/Silk in Newport Rocks and Alexandra got two bobbins of Mer/Ang/Cash in Newport Rocks done

Skipping ahead to today, I had finished my Neck Candy in Lavender Moon and decided that I would knit the exchange fiber now yarn into a Neck Candy too! I loved knitting this, and it knits up fast, however I needed a different size of needles. The Lavender Moon was knit on size 13 and the new project (I swatched several time!!!) needed an 11. Liscat has just opened three weeks ago in a new location. Katrina (Liscat's owner) and I met during TNNA this past Jan. Lucky for me double as this shop is within walking distance of the house AND Tuesday's is open until 8:00 pm. Off I went (no it is a long walk and I was in a hurry).
On the left Katrina's giving Caroline a refresher course in Knitting. Katrina taught her the knit on cast on, which is my favorite too.

Mary Ann was knitting a lovely scarf but seen here looking for her next project. I look forward to going back tomorrow for another knit session. and some spinning

Lavender Moon knit, washed and now drying ummmm Neck Candy is right!

This is exchange Neck Candy. I didn't dye this as this is an exchange, I have given 4 oz.'s of Cashmere/Silk in "Sugar" but I liked spinning this and look forward to more knitting, interesting in the 50% Merino/50% Tencel, although the fiber snob I am would like it in Cashmere/Silk better....

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