Sunday, March 09, 2008

Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase

I think this was the best Aurora Colony Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase ever. I had the best time and got loads of spinning done, I thought you'd like to see all the spinners that made you yarn this weekend
Paula holding NW Summer Cashmere/Silk on the best wheel ever! I wanted this wheel bad but lucky Paula ended up with it. It spins like a dream.....

Diane M. weaver holding NW Summer as well

Elda, again how much do we love Elda

Terry trying to steal Diane's cute wheel

Miss Audrey, unfortunately she came down with the CRUD tonight and is really sick, she did a bobbin of Columbia Gorge-ous in Silk/Cashmere

Cathy P. Also spun Columbia Gorge-ous

Lindsey teaching another spinner on the Great Wheel spinning Cream Cashmere.....

This is the spindle of the cashmere now you can see what Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on

Here Lindsey is modeling her ball of cashmere!

Cynthia enjoyed to spin Newport Rocks in Cashmere. Cynthia was our renown speaker at Guild last time

Another spinner of Columbia Gorge-ous Silk/Cashmere

This is my new Shaker "Carrier" that I bought from Brother Albert (Jackie isn't this Beautiful!!!) With TFC yarn that was spun on the antique wheels by all and more spinners at the showcase. Today I did 4 balls myself. Paula your Calypso Cove is almost done......

And finally George and Nancy with the Raffle Wheel. George's sister (a non-spinner) came today and bought tickets, and WON this wheel. We're pretty sure George will be spinning on it until she learns... George and Nancy just joined the Guild having moved up to Oregon from Southern California recently. George and Nancy use to come to our little spinning group in San Pedro! It's so wonderful that I get to see them more now that they moved. What a great Welcome to Oregon present!

Poor Audrey, I felt so bad but this terrible CRUD is everywhere. She feels terrible and I don't think she'll be joining me for work on Tuesday. It's taken me hours to download all these pictures, even though I'm at Safeway on the high speed. Blogger seemed to have issues tonight. One more picture that is totally worth it...
Sheila's Neck Candy out of Lavender Moon. I'm going to dye tomorrow and try to repeat this I swear!


Karen said...

I wish I could have been there to see all the antique wheels!

Donna said...

That Lavender Moon is gorgeous! Wow, what a colorway. I wish you success on repeating it!

Sheila E said...

I Love my Neck Candy...the yarn is too did your repeat effort turn out?
Love Yah!

Autumn said...

That is a nice event. Is it put on by your guild? Such lovely fiber and yarn.