Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am transformed

I have a new hair style thanks to Anh Tran, not sure if it's me but I have it. While I was getting "fancy" I knit on the infant socks for Mark, whom I haven't seen since Feb. 10th and miss terribly. A gentleman came in a was amazed that I could be having a hair do and knitting productively. Hey! You could come in for a day treatment and go out with an afghan! He laughed, I wistifully thought about the gentleman in Westport Ct. knitting the afghan out of the textured Cashmere and wondered if he went for a spa treatment and that's how he found that it takes double the amount of yarn he bought to make a large enough afghan....ummmm.
I then went to my favorite clothiers for some sensible advice. My favorite lady was there. She doesn't pull any punches, she doesn't let me out of the shop with anything that my family would say "Oh MOM", not in a good way. She is totally honest, and she was in a good mood yesterday. Must have been that she didn't have to cook "greens" for the Easter celebration she attended. Not that she told me this, I over heard it while marching in and out of the dressing room. Smaller, smaller, smallest was the mantra all day. Not that I am small it's just I lost a little while dying with the crud. My goodness what a lovely benefit of being sick. Not that I recommend it and there are easier ways but if you have to be sick, good that it has a side benefit. So now I have a summer wardrobe and a nice hair cut. Off to the grocery store... there is a new chain here in LA called Fresh n'Easy. Um sounds good! So off I go and it is quiet and easy and looking fresh! Lots of Organic's and no check out people. There are check out islands, and while I'm familiar with this system surprised by it's "only" selection. The system was so sensitive I think it could have read the labels from a mile up. No time at all, (well Ok I was out for 6 hours), clothes, hair do and food drove up the driveway, a day out. I was exhausted. I made a "Fresh N'Easy" meal and talked with my friend Sarah Anderson and then went to bed. Wow what a day.
Today I'm planning on a short trip to Knitters Studio to pick up the misplaced Cashmere for the man that is knitting the afghan, he needs 20 skeins, not 10. And check it out for Sunday when this is happening;

Spinning Demo and Yarn Sale with
Trish Anderson
of Tanglewood Fiber Creations

Exhausted from wandering the long hall of the Long Beach Convention center for TNNA, Tanglewood Fiber Creations booth was like an oasis. We rounded the corner like battle weary amazons, over-stimulated after a day of fondling skeins of all colors and fibers. Liz spotted the hanging skeins of yarn and, recognizing the name, went over to pet them. After the hundreds I'd already gone through I was resistant, but she cajoled me over.

I thought I was stroking a cloud. I'd never felt anything as soft as their silk-cashmere blend and the 100% Cashmere was even softer. There was even a tweed version that would be wonderful for men.

While Liz chatted with Trish Anderson, the owner, dyer, spinner and plyer of Tanglewood, I stood off to the side and ran my hands over those fluffy strands over and over again. They were more than just soft though; the colors were like polished jewels plied together. This was as close as yarn gets to decorative art.

I'm well known around the store for my reserve. Many times Liz has looked to me for an ecstatic response to some amazing blend of fibers and colors and instead received a polite smile. Here was a tough sell for me, a girl who loves muted colors and basic yarns. Tanglewood Fibers Creations are the very definition of luxury; they're even sold by the ounce.

And I told her she had to get it for the store.

–Sara B

That's why I'm so excited that Trish Anderson, the mad genius behind it all, is coming to The Knitter's Studio

When: Sunday, March 30
Time: 2:00-4:00
RSVP: 323 655-6487 or to info@theknitters-studio.com

We’ll have those gorgeous Silk Cashmere blends and 100% cashmere skeins that we fell in love with for sale. Not only that, we'll get a peek into the process as she spins them at our store. Please, come meet Trish and check out this magical yarn with us.

This is a very old picture but it is all I have for publicity! Yes Shelli I'm going to wear the fancy lady shoes.....

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clara said...

don got a nice digital camera, so we're doing a photo shoot as soon as you get back!

both you AND your yarns are much lovelier these days!