Saturday, March 08, 2008


Audrey and I are attending the Antique Spinning Wheel Showcase this weekend and decided that we would spend the night in a motel instead of driving back and forth, less wear and tear on the car and the body. I have conscripted many spinners that are spinning TFC yarn on working Antique Wheels, all the skeins spun this weekend will be noted as being specially spun on wheels that are more than 100 years old. I hope you are lucky enough to get one of these skeins! Next week I'm hoping that I'll also get some spinning help at Vashon Island. I've all ready heard from a few people that are looking forward to not only the retreat but spinning some yummy fiber.
This week was pretty quiet since the crud persists but I tried to be productive. We got lots of skeins (67) done and Knitting Central and Knitter's Studio are both getting yarn this next week.

Here are my two good friends Myra Woods (left) and Sheila Ernst (right) wishing me well at Stitches West, note Myra's top it is made out of Newport Rocks Merino/Angora/Cashmere! I was asked by Sheila to take this picture down so it is now in the archives but I loved it.....

So after my longing for a dog, Beth called and then sent me these pictures. Here is Shadow in front of an Epyphillum that I gave Beth, starts from a plant we bought while together at the Newport Spin-In several years ago. This was the same trip I named the color-way "Newport Rocks"

Shadow's soulful eyes. At one time Shadow was my dog, but my life isn't conducive to having a dog, so Beth and Gary adopted Shadow and gave her a far better home than I did.

Here is Shadow, and let me tell you if she had hands she Would be driving Beth's new car. She is a great traveler and I'm looking forward to the day Beth comes with Shadow for a visit.

The beginning of the week, Monday, these are just starting to open. Yippee! Spring

This is what 15 pounds of fiber looks like. Can you imagine that all of this is in the hands of (a lot of it is being spun this weekend with Antique Wheels) spinners. I have to do 5 times this much dyeing in the next month.

Here is my little Grand-niece Skyler, with her Dad Glenn (if you remember he was one of the hero's of this summer cleaning out the MIL's house, digging the car out of the ditch in the middle of the Tucson Desert at night). Skyler might be coming to Black Sheep with us this summer, I hope we can work out the details! Look she likes Tiara's too

So many people e-mailed me asking for a closer picture of Lavender Moon- well here are the unfinished gloves

And while we are on the subject here are the other unfinished gloves, along with the pair of fingerless mittens I did complete

These are the daffodils on Friday, look how much they are opened, and this morning they were even more up and out. Last night I did spread the slug bait (the green pet friendly stuff) so that I would have more to show you when I get home. The crocuses must have been delicious, as only one (the one on the blog) survived to be enjoyed, by human's that is.

Audrey's all ready asleep, and I'm headed there fast. We worked on Tax stuff tonight, doing last year and getting this year organized. This next year is going to be a breeze as we (ok me) now have more files (Thanks Steven) and a clearer idea of how to get it done. I'm really good a making yarn, setting up an office, well lets just focus on what I'm good at shall we?


Sheila E said...

Please remove that HORRIBLE picture of me...Unless you Want me to put up the one I have of YOU...sheesh! That's the worst picture of me I've seen in 35 years!
Don't yu lve me any more?

AlisonH said...

Rofl! I was just thinking, gee, that's the best picture of that shawl on Sheila, although not a great picture of Sheila...

The yarns on hers are 1 strand Lisa Souza baby alpaca laceweight in Shade Garden and one strand Beruffa superfine merino laceweight.

Sheila E said...

Please bury it DEEP in the archives!
Thank you!!! & Good night ;) I will sleep well now!!