Sunday, February 03, 2008


Planning things in my life is fluid. I think one thing is going to happen and then life takes a right or left turn and me along with it. Today I was suppose to wake in my own Mo festooned bed, and then office and skeining work was to happen. Last night we got back from the auction at 1:00 am, at which point we were both so tired that she was thought it was just too late for me to go home. Mo was so glad to see us and we all fell into bed. I was awakened by the phone call from Diane G. saying it had been snowing for hours and did I think we could get up our hill. I opened my eyes enough to look out Becky's windows and sure enough it was coming down. No I said it's a snow day, and went back to bed. Time passed, although we were unaware, all snuggled in a warm soft bed, cat at our feet, as the snow slowly turned to rain. I emerged to find that it was 3:00 p.m.
I checked my phone to see if the clock was right, it was!
I can't believe we slept that late into the day. I haven't slept like (discounting sick days) that in years, before children at least. I started tea and Becky and I decided to ply, we plied and plied and plied.
We went out to dinner at our favorite Lebanese restaurant and then came back and started the Taco meat. I was assigned roasting chili's, which set off the fire alarm. I'm glad to say it was only 10:00 p.m. so hopefully her neighbors aren't too mad.
We have lots of yarn to set, tomorrow is another day, with more plans (I get to stay with Emma and Mark while Don and Pat go to Mass), wonder what the cosmos has in store?

Talking about the Cosmos, my SIL's phone is reaching out to me. Ever since Dec. 27th my SIL's phone calls me, not every day or even once a week but sometime twice in one week. Mostly during the wee hours of the morning. Neither one of us can figure out why, it's just calls me, what button gets pressed that I get dialed, and why only at some late hour of the night? I get messages that contain "sounds of SIL", while she is at work (she works nights), in the car, (interesting choice of music), talking to people on the job (but since her phone is either in her pocket or purse I can never really hear what's being said). Today I told her we shouldn't wonder why and just go for it and talk. The cosmos wants us to. Her phone wants us to talk.
So while I plied and sipped tea we chatted. We are both hoping that the Cosmos is now happy.

It is beautiful and white at my house, Ann's husband Rob told me. I haven't been home (to sleep) now for almost a week. I'm not sorry at all. I love Portland, I love MAX, I love walking in the rain to the MAX. I love the unexpected turns and the other people walking around Portland. Every kind of person is walking at all hours of the night. Music coming from a doorway. The scent of something good to eat wafts past, or someone dressed in an interesting clothing look walks past. Unexpected art work hanging off a building, or on a street corner. Someone struggling with alcohol tells you he is giving it up on the MAX, ("that's great" I said, "yeah" he said "I just can't do this anymore" "good luck to you" was my reply)
I love this town. The Pearl, Powell's, the restaurants, the fairy lights. You can get crepe's at 1:00 am. It's all here. After last weekend it's nice to be among people.
It's bedtime again, big day tomorrow! Will I get home? Will Becky have her apartment to herself, will Mo be happy to be back among his kitty family, will the loaner car make it up our driveway? Will I get another call from "the phone". Only the Cosmos knows for sure.

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