Friday, February 01, 2008


Look! I had to take the car in for some work and vola wireless internet!
Emma and Mark, the day before yesterday? Everything is running together.....

A great picture of Mark

Pat, Don and Mark

Ok break from Mark, here's my new toes....

Back to Mark, and Me

Becky says Mark DOES smell good

He really doesn't "look" like one particular person, we've pondered this point, but really we all decided he just looks wonderful!

OK OK back to yarn! Tomorrow I'll be going into the office, Becky and Diane will be doing skein weighing and sending out of boxes. Sorry if your waiting for yarn but Mark has upstaged everything, and compared to a new baby even cashmere/silk pales....
Sunday I'll be cuddling Mark again!


Sheila E said...

Great to see the new "Baby Cakes"...and all of His new Family!
Becky could pass for his Mommy....That is such a Sweet Face...and Mark's is too! He's a Bee-u-tee-ful Baby!!
I love your the new proud Mommy, Daddy...and Grandma..
And of course His Fairy Godmother/Auntie/Grandma!!
Thanks for the photos....they Rock!!

Brent said...

Look, look...Becky with a baby (that smells good, no less) close to being a grandma close!

Erin said...

Finally, pictures from SOMEONE!! :) I was so impatient to see him I had a dream about him last would be cool to say he looks like the dream baby, but he totally doesn't; MUCH more beautiful!

Emma looks amazing! :)

(Cute toes, too!)