Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Doing it

Everyday is a step closer to shipping out massive amounts of yarn. However every time I try to get the pipe fixed outside, I have failed. I have to go back to the hardware store and have stood out in the snow several times only to fail again. So yesterday I did things I COULD do. I weighed out fiber, 30 lbs, I plied and set yarn and I worked in the office. This working in the office is actually making a dent in the mess. I now have places where you can see the desk, and a lot of floor is showing. I'm interviewing 6 new spinners, (huge amount of paper work for this) and sent out fiber to 6 spinners. I have a huge pile of boxes in the garage and an almost painted Production room. I have made the appointment to get the carpet done on Feb. 19th, for the three rooms with no carpet. As Mike points out this is what "staying home" does for a person.
All this staying home is good for business, but business gets done on the road too! Here is the pile of yarn we did last week

I don't know how many skeins are here but there are probably close to 50, which is less than we normally do but "we" don't normally have a baby and take apart the production room either
Talking about having a baby here are more pictures of Mark
Emma at home with Mark

Robin is going to be Mark's Godfather

Now on a more personal note, here is Regina she is standing ready to take my blood, by a very historical chair. This chair has lived in this clinic (it use to be a hospital now a clinic and soon to be a hospital again, hopefully), since the '60's, maybe even earlier than that.

It has lived so long it's back in style. We were talking about how maybe one of the first people to use this chair, still uses the chair. Thinking about this, how many gallons of blood has been taken from people sitting in the chair, ummmm. I've been in a funny (not haha) mood lately and thinking about things in a different way. I'm glad to use this chair, because all the ladies in this clinic are wonderful and I hardly ever "feel it", and never have a bruise afterwards. Regina is great!
This is a bummer, not sure what is going on with my tree, but this branch fell off last night. It appears that something is afoot with this branch and it has been a long time in coming down. Another weather related problem

The snow of Saturday is almost gone at TFC, although the sky has been spitting snow (especially when I want to work on pipes) it hasn't stuck. I'm going to take more singles to Becky tonight and eat with her and then go over to Mark's house to see Deb (she's on duty now as Pat left yesterday) Emma and Don. I hope to cuddle Mark most but Emma and Don too. Deb if she wants one.
Saturday we hope get skeining done and not have a snow day. Since I'll be at home I could do it by myself but there is so much that I hope it doesn't snow. Sunday is Mark's Baptism.

I've booked flights, so it is now set in stone. I'm going to Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat next weekend, Knitterly (totally rocks) Feb. 20-26th and then Austin Tx. to Hill Country Weavers (Suzanne rocks too) on March 21st-23. I'm hoping to get a few more places in between but the "Are We Getting Yarn Soon?" calls have started. The answer is yes soon, like shipping it out Monday, come snow, wind or rain!


Sheila E said...

What a lovely post!
Emma and Mark are Beautiful...gave me a minute of remembering when my girls were that little and how much I adored holding them! Please give Emma a big hello for me...and a little squeeze to babycakes.
You have been a busy gal...!!....nice work!...
You are right Knitterly rocks! I think that we will stop by on our way back from Stitches West....hope you will be there too ;)
See you soon My Friend! Yippee!!

Barb said...

Hey Trish --

Sounds like you've been soooo busy, in so many wonderful ways! Baby Mark and his mom are beautiful and so is all your yarn!

I'm up here knitting little hats for the charity night and looking forward to Madrona next week. I ran into Amelia in the neighborhood the other day and she'll be at Madrona too, but not till after I leave. Too bad.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you in person. Guess I'll call your cell when I get to town. See you then!

Your soon-to-be roommate,