Sunday, February 24, 2008

Restful Sunday

It is quiet here this morning. Louis (the bull terrier) is sleeping on the bed and it is raining and dark outside, but cozy in the "Temple of Yarn". Shelli and Jeff have gone to the shop to clean things up, it was like a bomb went off in the shop last night and I know neither Shelli or I were really that comfortable with the thought of Coco lost in a random yarn bin.
I've plied the yak/silk, a soft buttery color, very happy with it, Shelli and I agreed that Nancy (Knit Stop) will love it and 4 skeins of cash/silk. I'm going to work on the gloves to try and get them to the finger part when the real work will happen. I'm looking forward to seeing all the projects and yarn but for now it's nice to hang with Louis,
I really miss having a dog. Mo is my true love, but having a dog was a dream as a child, and I was lucky enough to have many deeply loving companions as an adult, it's sad that it doesn't work for me now but I hope to one day be able to have two big doggy eyes look at me while stroking a soft head. I have that today and I'm happy, thank you Louis, Shelli and Jeff.
Somewhere over my head my son flies home to LA. I will miss him as we work so well together, his gentle guidance, his strong back and his easy presence is such a joy. Fly safely my son.
Now off to get ready for Ashley to pick me up! I'm peaceful and rested and it's even Sunday! Lots of yarn fun to come....

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