Sunday, February 24, 2008

Coco is found

When we got to Knitterly today, still no Coco, time passed. Alan and Sandi came in and sometime this afternoon Shelli lets out a yell like we were getting robbed, COCO is FOUND! Here is the beloved Coco

Ruth, my almost cousin.
My family growing up was small, three children with English parents. All the our "real" family lived on another continent (well we had some in Canada but we didn't know it at the time), Ruth's parents are like an Aunt and Uncle to us, also English and they also had three children. Ruth and I came to think of each other as cousins. Ruth and her son Carson came to Knitterly today for a visit, heaven. We talked over old times, she KNOWS me, no explaining, Ruth teaches 8th grade, God Bless her. She is holding the ball of spun, plied and now knitted Lavender Moon in the Mer/Cash/Angora color-way

Sandi with her TFC beaded Newport Rocks self fringing shawl, beautiful, and the shawl is nice too

Barbara and her Tanglewood Fiber Creation stash taking advantage of the 25% off sale, Cashmere/Silk in Sugar and Camel/Silk "Cinnamon Latte"

Jeff made us stew tonight for dinner while Shelli did dishes and I sat and knit. The cuffs for my gloves are knit and tomorrow we'll try and tackle the hard part, the hand and fingers. Sheila and Michael Ernst are coming for lunch and a chat, Patrica is coming in for a spinning lesson and I've got just a little more fiber to spin.
Tonight Amalya, her Mom and all of us that care about Coco are resting easy, Coco is clutched to Amalya in blissful slumber. Don't you wish you had a Coco that would insure the feeling of peace, happiness and security? Me too.

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Katie - The Knitting Mama said...

My mum's a Brit too. :) Our family lived in Harrow for 4 years when I was growing up. We go back and visit her family every few years. So glad to have met you at Madrona!