Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knitterly Rocks

It was a parade of Tanglewood Fiber Creations today. I had such a great time, my good friends came to show me all the wonderful knitting they have been doing. It made me want to knit, but I didn't get enough spinning done today. I do have two finished skeins of Lavender Moon made, Margaret wanted to buy them today! I talked Ruth into knitting the cuffs for my gloves, but the shop was so busy that we only got a few rows done. The yarn is really neat and I hope I can repeat this happy accident.
the proud owner of Katie's Painted Hills

Sandi a walking advertisement for TFC

Look one scarf and one "Neck Candy"

Sharon and her Neck Candy with Newport Rocks in Cashmere/Silk (really is there any better!)

Carol's Neck Candy turned out more of a shawl, I'm not sure what's happening next on this project

Leslie with her ball of Columbia Gorge-ous in Mer/Cash/Angora

We had a tragedy today. Coco the pig is "sleeping" somewhere in the shop. One young lady put her precious Coco in a "nest" and was unable to remember where the nest was when the time came to leave. Shelli, Jeff and I scoured the shop tonight well after closing, looking for Coco with no success, however the shelves are color organized after being besieged today. Somewhere in Petaluma a young girl is missing her beloved. Somewhere in Knitterly Coco is sleeping in yarn. Lucky Coco, poor Mom......I feel both their pain, having been both the one that has lost their beloved and the Mom trying to rescue the beloved. Tomorrow the search begins anew, Coco where are you?

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